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American Electric Power Texas Central Utility Company [AEP]

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American Electric Power or AEP is an electric utility that serves power customers in 11 states. It has been in business for over a century, starting operations way back in 1906. In the Lone Star State, AEP is divided into AEP Texas North and AEP Texas Central, each with its own service territories. 

What Is AEP Central?

AEP Texas Central is part of the American Electric Power (AEP). Formerly known as Central Power and Light, AEP Central joined AEP in 1997. Currently, it serves the areas to the south of Austin and San Antonio. This includes McAllen, Laredo, and Corpus Christi.  

As a utility company, AEP Texas Central maintains the infrastructure that delivers electricity to residential and business customers in its services areas. Its responsibilities include restoring power and repairing downed power lines.  

AEP Central Electricity Rates

Texas’ energy market is deregulated. That means power consumers can choose their electricity provider. Thus, AEP Texas Central doesn’t sell directly to customers in its service area. Instead, it works with energy providers that operate in the region. Enter your zip code into Electricrate’s website to see which power providers cover your area. 

Plan Name and CompanyPlan LengthElectric Rate
Frontier Super Value 24 (Frontier Utilities)24 months$0.101 per kWh
Gexa Saver Deluxe 24 (Gexa Energy)24 months$0.103 per kWh
Real Deal 36 (TriEagle Energy)36 months$0.104 per kWh
Champ Saver-36 (Champion Energy)36 months$0.108 per kWh
Power Plus 12 (Just Energy)12 months$0.109 per kWh
Free Energy 12 (4Change Energy)12 months$0.115 per kWh
Flash 12 - with Auto Pay (Express Energy)12 months$0.117 per kWh
Smart Edge 12 (TXU Energy)12 months$0.125 per kWh
GridEdge 36 (Chariot Energy)36 months$0.125 per kWh
Twelve Hour Power 12 (Direct Energy)12 months$0.129 per kWh
You Got This 24 (First Choice Power)24 months$0.133 per kWh
36 Month Usage Bill Credit (Constellation Energy)36 months$0.135 per kWh
Texas Green 36 (Pulse Power)36 months$0.142 per kWh
Basic Power 36 (Reliant Energy)36 months$0.142 per kWh
Amigo Web Plan 24 (Amigo Energy)24 months$0.145 per kWh

AEP Texas Energy Providers

There are plenty of excellent electric companies in AEP Texas’ service area. You can choose any retail electric provider that works with AEP Texas and sign up for any of their energy plans. Enter your zip code to make your search easier. You can also refer to this list we’ve made of some of the most popular energy companies in the area, along with their contact information: 

How Do AEP Texas Central and Energy Providers Work?

Electricity customers within the service area of AEP Texas Central get their power supply from the utility company. However, because Texas’s electricity is deregulated, consumers can choose any energy plans offered by the various energy providers operating in the area. The energy plans have varying electricity rates. Some even use solar energy or electricity from other renewable sources.  

AEP Texas Central works with over 50 energy companies to provide electricity service to over 90 counties and 370 cities in Texas. AEP Texas operates and maintains the electrical infrastructure while the power companies generate the electricity consumers need.  

Utility Company Vs Energy Provider

Due to deregulation, you, the consumer, can choose your energy provider. However, you can’t pick your utility company as this is assigned to your area. 

 Energy providers produce the electricity you need to power your home or business. Meanwhile, a utility company builds, operates, and maintains the facilities that bring electricity to residences and commercial establishments. Repairing a downed power line or responding to power outages are some of the responsibilities of a utility company. 

Texas American Electric Power Central is a utility company. So it’s their job to respond to issues involving the electrical infrastructure in their service area. 

AEP Texas Central Services

Overall, AEP Texas provides electric service to residential, industrial, and commercial power consumers in over 370 cities and 90 counties across the Lone Star State. Here’s additional information about the company. 

  • AEP Texas employees: 1,754
  • Transmission lines: 8,110
  • Distribution lines: 43,006
  • T & D plant in service: $6.80 Billion

For Residential Customers

Being a utility provider, AEP Texas Central offers the following services to residential consumers

  • Starting new electricity service 
  • Changes in current service 
  • Your project status 
  • New construction 
  • Checking your meter usage 
  • Your Electric Service Identifier (ESID)  
  • Meter reconnection or disconnection 
  • Solar and other renewable energy sources 

For Commercial Customers

AEP Texas Central provides the following services to commercial power consumers.

  • Starting new electricity service 
  • Changes in current service 
  • Your project status 
  • New construction 
  • Status of your existing project 
  • Checking your meter usage 
  • Your Electric Service Identifier (ESID)  
  • Meter reconnection or disconnection 
  • Solar and other renewable energy sources 
  • Expansion or relocation of an existing business 
  • Application for a critical load/case status 
  • Commercial metering 
  • Energy efficiency identification notice 

What To Do During A Power Outage?

You need to know what to do before a power outage occurs. In that way, you’ll have everything on hand and won’t have to stumble blindly in the dark. Here’s how to prepare for those times when the lights go out. 

  • Check your electronics and appliances: Unplug your appliances during a power cut. Avoid opening your fridge as much as possible to prevent food spoilage. 
  • Assemble an emergency kit: Pack essential items you’ll need during an outage. Things to include in the kit are flashlights, batteries, a can opener, first aid supplies, and the like. 
  • Stock up on food: We’re referring to non-perishable food items here. Examples are canned food or dry ready-to-eat food. 
  • Prepare other power sources: Back-up energy sources like generator sets and solar batteries can lessen the inconveniences of outages. 

Who To Contact?

We mentioned that utility companies take charge of the electrical facilities in a specified service area. For issues related to electricity, contact the utility provider, such as AEP Texas Central. Here’s how to reach the company for power outages, downed power lines, or emergencies involving electricity. 

  • By phone: Call 1-866-223-8508 
  • Report outages online: AEP Texas Central website

Safety Tips

Powerful storms can lead to outages. These tips from AEP Texas Central can help you stay safe during those times. 

  • Unplug your electronics and appliances as soon as an outage occurs. Doing so protects them from power surges when electricity is restored. 
  • Observe your electronics and other equipment. Stay away from those that emit sparks. 
  • Refuel your generator set and other gas-powered equipment away from electrical sources. 
  • Don’t operate your generator set in an enclosed area to prevent the build-up of harmful gasses. 

AEP Central Customer Support

If you’re experiencing non-outage issues, here’s how you can contact AEP Central’s customer service.

  1. Through Email: Click here to complete the contact form
  2. By phone: 1-866-258-3782 (Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Eastern Time.


Is FirstEnergy the same as JCP&L?

Jersey Central Power and Light or JCP&L is a subsidiary of FirstEnergy. It is a utility company with over 11 million customers. It serves electricity consumers in northern and central New Jersey and includes the cities of Flemington, Short Hills, Chatham, Morristown, and Point Pleasant Beach. 

Is Ohio power the same as AEP?

Ohio Power is a utility company and is a subsidiary of AEP. Ohio Power produces electricity and then transmits and distributes the generated energy to consumers in its service area. 

How do I report a power outage in Corpus Christi? 

Call your utility provider to report a power outage. In Corpus Christi, AEP Texas Central is the designated utility company. As such, it maintains the electrical facilities in the area.  

Who do you call when the power is out?

You need to call your utility provider, not your energy supplier. Take note of the name of your local utility company and its contact information so you can quickly reach out to report an outage. 


AEP Texas Central serves a large area of Texas. You can enter your zip code to determine if it is your designated utility provider. The company works with reputable energy suppliers. Because of deregulation, you can take your pick among those energy companies, all of whom offer electricity plans with varying rates. Choosing the best rates will help you lower your electricity bills

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