Discover How Penn Power Customers Can Slash Their Electric Bills in 2024


Penn Power customers in northwestern Pennsylvania are in for some good news. Although the default electricity supply rate, known as the “Price to Compare,” was recently lowered on June 1, 2024, even greater savings await those willing to explore competitive electricity rates. With an active electricity market in Pennsylvania, savvy consumers can use electricity price comparison sites to find deals that significantly cut their energy costs. This article will walk you through how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Why Competitive Rates Matter in Penn Power:

Even though Penn Power’s “Price to Compare” rate has seen a modest reduction, the default rate is often higher than what’s available through competitive suppliers. The competitive electricity market in Pennsylvania allows consumers to choose from various suppliers, potentially reducing their electricity bills by a substantial margin. Shopping around for electricity rates can provide savings of 10-20%, depending on the selected plan.

Understanding Your Penn Power Electric Bill:

Penn Power serves around 160,000 customers in several northwestern Pennsylvania counties. The typical electric bill consists of two parts: the regulated distribution and delivery charges, and the electricity supply component. Distribution and delivery charges cover maintaining power lines and responding to outages, while the supply component is the cost of the electricity you use. The supply portion of the bill can be sourced competitively, giving customers the power to choose a more affordable rate.

The Benefits of Electricity Comparison Sites for Penn Power Customers:

Electricity price comparison sites are invaluable tools for consumers looking to lower their electric bills. These platforms allow users to:

  1. Compare Multiple Rates: Easily see various rates offered by different suppliers.
  2. Evaluate Contract Terms: Understand the length and conditions of different plans.
  3. Check for Hidden Fees: Identify any extra charges that might not be immediately apparent.
  4. Review Customer Feedback: Read reviews to gauge the reliability and service quality of suppliers.

Green Energy in Penn Power

Through Penn Power’s electricity choice program, customers have the opportunity to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by opting for green energy plans offered by competitive suppliers. These plans ensure that the electricity you purchase is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydro power. By choosing a green energy plan, you are supporting sustainable energy production and contributing to environmental conservation.

The quality of green energy is identical to traditional power because it is delivered through the same infrastructure maintained by Penn Power. This means that regardless of the source, the electricity that powers your home or business remains consistent and reliable. When you select a green energy plan, you’re simply choosing to support cleaner energy without compromising on the quality or reliability of your power supply.

By making the switch to renewable energy, customers can enjoy the dual benefits of lowering their electric bills while also making a positive impact on the environment. This choice aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promotes a sustainable future. Embracing green energy through Penn Power’s competitive market is an easy and impactful way to contribute to a cleaner, greener world.

How to Switch Suppliers:

Switching electricity suppliers is simpler than many people think. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search Online: Start by visiting a trusted electricity price comparison site.
  2. Select a Plan: Choose a plan that fits your needs and offers a lower rate than Penn Power’s default rate.
  3. Complete the Switch: Follow the instructions on the website to switch suppliers. The process is managed electronically, with no need for technicians to visit your home.

Customer Story: Real Savings Achieved:

Let’s take a look at Lisa, a resident of Sharon, Pennsylvania. Facing high electricity bills, Lisa decided to explore her options. Using a price comparison site, she found a competitive rate that was 12% lower than Penn Power’s “Price to Compare.” By switching suppliers, Lisa significantly reduced her monthly expenses, allowing her to allocate those savings to other important areas of her budget. This story does not only apply to Penn Power but also with West Penn Power. It should be noted that Penn Power and West Penn Power, though both owned by First Energy,  are different utilities and have a different set of competitive rates. Whichever utility are you under,  by using comparison site helps lower electricity bill and save money.

Locking in a Fixed Rate for Future Savings:

One effective strategy to protect against potential future rate hikes is to lock in a fixed-rate electricity plan. Fixed-rate plans offer price stability, shielding consumers from fluctuations in the market. This means that even if Penn Power’s default rates increase, customers with fixed-rate plans will continue to pay the same lower rate, ensuring predictable and manageable electric bills, not only for residential but also with businesses in Pennsyslvania.

Advantages of Fixed-Rate Plans:

  • Budget Stability: Knowing your electricity rate won’t change helps with financial planning.
  • Protection from Rate Increases: Stay immune to future hikes in default rates.
  • Contract Flexibility: Choose from various contract lengths to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages of switching to a competitive electricity supplier?

Switching to a competitive supplier can lead to significant savings on your electric bill. By choosing a lower rate than Penn Power’s default, you can reduce your monthly energy costs.

How do I change my electricity supplier?

Changing your supplier is straightforward. Use an electricity price comparison site to find a suitable plan, then follow the online instructions to switch. No technicians are needed to come to your home, and the process is managed electronically.

Will my power supply be interrupted when I switch suppliers?

No, there will be no interruption in your power supply. The switch is seamless, and your electricity service will continue as usual without any downtime.

Are there any hidden fees associated with switching suppliers?

It’s crucial to read the terms of each plan carefully. Comparison sites provide detailed information on any potential hidden fees or charges. By reviewing these details, you can choose a plan without unexpected costs.

How does a fixed-rate plan benefit me?

A fixed-rate plan ensures that your electricity rate remains constant throughout the contract term. This protects you from market fluctuations and potential rate hikes, providing financial predictability.

Conclusion: Take Control of Your Energy Costs Today

Penn Power customers in northwestern Pennsylvania have a golden opportunity to lower their electricity bills significantly. By exploring the competitive electricity market and utilizing comparison sites, you can find rates that are considerably lower than the default “Price to Compare.” Don’t let higher rates dictate your expenses—take control today and secure a more affordable energy future.


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By using these resources and making informed decisions, residents in northwestern Pennsylvania can take charge of their electricity costs and enjoy significant savings. Start exploring your options today and benefit from a more affordable and predictable energy expense.

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