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Ohio Residential Electric Rates

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The local utility companies (AEP, Ohio Edison, Dayton Power & Light, Cleveland Illuminating, Duke Energy, Toledo Edison) continue to deliver power and send you your monthly electric bill even after you choose a competitive supplier. If you do not choose a supplier, you pay a default rate known as the Price to Compare.

Comparing Electricity Rates in Ohio

Regulating the energy sector in the state is the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). It also oversees the official state energy comparison website, Energy Choice Ohio.  In it, Ohio residents and businesses can compare apples to apples electricity and gas rates of PUCO certified suppliers, find useful information about energy deregulation, their rights as electricity customers, and how to read their electric bill. 

The switching process is easy:

  • Select if you are shopping for a residential, commercial, or industrial power plan
  • Select your state utility
  • Compare available electricity rates with the Price to Compare of your utility

You can also use the free tool to compare available electric rates on our website. We review the majority of suppliers and include useful information about contact information, benefits & drawbacks of available energy plans, and additional perks for customers.

Ohio Energy Market Overview

Ohio has deregulated its retail energy sector in 2001, giving its residents the power to choose who will supply their electricity and gas – and for what price. Since then, some 50% of residents switched electric suppliers, which according to research, has generated a staggering $15 billion saving on Ohio electric bills.

The marketplace competition has also pushed down the average residential electric rates in Ohio to 9.94 cents per kWh, which is below the US national average. A number of competitive suppliers sprung up around the state, ready to compete for Ohio customers with good rates,  energy plans, and home power products.

Utility Companies in Ohio

AEP Ohio

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AEP Ohio, headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, operates in the service areas including Chillicothe, Canton, Columbus, and Findlay.

  • Customer service number: 1-800-672-2231 (residential customers) and 1-888-710-4237 (business customers)
  • Current standard electricity rate: 5.42 ¢ / kWh

Dayton Power & Light

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DP&L serves the Miami Valley region of West Central Ohio, including cities of Dayton, Xenia, Kettering, Trotwood, and  Greenville.

  • Customer service number: 1-937-331-3900
  • Current standard electricity rate: 5.20 ¢ / kWh

Duke Energy Ohio

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Duke Energy supplies electricity to 840,000 homes and businesses in Cincinnati, Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, and Brown counties.

  • Customer service number: 1-866-216-2136 (residential customers) and 1-800-774-1202 (business customers)
  • Current standard electricity rate: 5.72 ¢ / kWh

Both Ohio Edison and The Illuminating Company sit under the umbrella of First Energy and cover service territories in northern Ohio.

Ohio Edison

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  • Customer service number: 1-888-544-4877
  • Current standard electricity rate: 5.118 ¢ / kWh

The Illuminating Company

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  • Customer service number: 1-800-589-3101
  • Current standard electricity rate: 5.125 ¢ / kWh

 Energy Plans & Products in Ohio

Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. Navigating through complex information about power rates can be confusing and can ultimately deter you from shopping for a better deal. Below is all you need to know about the different energy products that power companies offer to Ohioans:

PlanDescriptionWhat's Good?What's Bad?
Fixed Rate Your unit price for gas and electricity will remain the same for the duration of the plan
  • Protection against supplier’s price hikes
  • Usually cheapest
  • Often carry cancellation fees, if you want to exit early
Variable RateYour per-unit gas and electricity costs can vary at the discretion of your supplier
  • More flexible than fixed-rate, can exit without incurring fees
  • More expensive than fixed rates
  • Supplier is free to hike up the price
PrepaidThis plan lets you pre-purchase power for your home at a set price, like a prepaid cell phone
  • Reduced chance of a bill shock at the end of the month
  • If you are forgetful and don’t update your plan, you might find yourself without power half-way through shower
Green / Renewable EnergyOn this plan, your supplier will match the energy you consume by buying an equal amount from renewable generators
  • A great option for the environmentally conscious Ohio residents
  • Renewable energy still costs a bit more than non-renewable energy (though the good feeling is priceless)
Home ServicesSome Ohio electricity suppliers also provide additional home services, such as HVAC installation, smart thermostats, roof repairs and more.These products often come bundled up with the energy plan, which means you are getting them at a discounted price.If you switch again, you might have to lose access to some of these perks, if your new electric supplier doesn't offer them.

Alternative Energy Solutions in Ohio

What is an Ohioan to do, if he wants to green up?

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Select a green energy plan - Most Ohio electricity suppliers offer fully or partially renewable energy plans for customers who want to minimize their environmental footprint. Enter your zip code to see green energy plans in your area.

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Install a solar panel - Ohio energy customers are strongly incentivized towards renewable solar energy generation and multiple energy efficiency programs and there are many rebate programs and tax deductions available for exactly this purpose.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Ohio electric rates.

Is Ohio Edison First Energy?

Yes, Ohio Edison is now one of the ten FirstEnergy operating companies and is the main power provider for northeastern Ohio outside of Cleveland itself.

Should I opt out of Nopec?

NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) is a non-profit that buys energy in bulk at lower prices to help lower customers’ utility bills. If you opt-out of the program, you will start receiving your utility standard rate.

You can shop for Ohio electricity rates on our website, to see if you can find a better rate than the one offered by NOPEC. Just enter your zip code and compare available power plan options.

What does renew content mean?

The Ohio Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that 8.5 percent of electricity sold by Ohio’s utilities or suppliers to be generated from green energy sources by 2026. Renewable content is the renewable energy portion (percentage) of your energy plan.

How do I contact AEP Ohio?

If you need to contact the AEP customer service team, you can:

  • send an email by filling in this online form
  • call 1-800-672-2231 for residential customer service and 1-888-710-4237 for business customer service.

If researchers are to be believed, Ohioans have already saved billions of dollars by switching electricity and natural gas suppliers. If you are one of them, well done to you. If you haven’t switched yet, you always have the opportunity to shop around for electricity and select a convenient power plan. Just enter your zip code and let us compare available electric rates for your home or business.

AEP: Ohio Power Electricity Plans and Rates in Ohio

Rates updated January 2021

ProviderPlan LengthRate
Tomorrow Energy12 months5.09¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor6 months5.29¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor9 months5.39¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor12 months5.49¢ / kWh
Public Power12 months5.49¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor36 months5.69¢ / kWh
Direct Energy12 months5.79¢ / kWh
Direct Energy18 months5.89¢ / kWh
Public Power24 months5.99¢ / kWh
Public Power36 months6.19¢ / kWh

Dayton Power & Light Power Electricity Plans and Rates in Ohio

Rates updated January 2021

ProviderPlan LengthRate
Constellation6 months4.99¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor9 months5.19¢ / kWh
Tomorrow Energy12 months5.19¢ / kWh
Constellation12 months5.19¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor6 months5.29¢ / kWh
Constellation12 months5.39¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor12 months5.39¢ / kWh
Public Power12 months5.49¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor36 months5.49¢ / kWh
Major Energy24 months5.79¢ / kWh

AEP: Columbus Electricity Plans and Rates in Ohio

Rates updated January 2021

ProviderPlan LengthRate
Energy Harbor6 months5.19¢ / kWh
Tomorrow Energy12 months5.19¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor9 months5.39¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor12 months5.49¢ / kWh
Public Power12 months5.59¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor36 months5.69¢ / kWh
Direct Energy12 months5.89¢ / kWh
Public Power24 months5.99¢ / kWh
Direct Energy18 months6.09¢ / kWh
Public Power36 months6.19¢ / kWh

Duke Energy Electricity Plans and Rates in Ohio

Rates updated January 2021

ProviderPlan LengthRate
Constellation6 months5.09¢ / kWh
Constellation24 months5.19¢ / kWh
Constellation12 months5.29¢ / kWh
Constellation18 months5.39¢ / kWh
Tomorrow Energy12 months5.59¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor9 months5.69¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor6 months5.69¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor12 months5.69¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor36 months5.69¢ / kWh
Public Power12 months5.79¢ / kWh