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Illinois Commercial Electric Rates

Businesses in Illinois who are serviced by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and Ameren have the ability to shop the Illinois electricity choice market for competitive rates. Companies who do not shop pay a default rate with their utility company. If a competitive power company offers a fixed electric rate lower than the default rate the business will be able to save money on their electricity bill.

If your electric bill is north of $7,000 a month and you would like a custom Illinois commercial electric rate quote, go to your Quote Request Form and we will prepare a detailed savings analysis for you within 24 hours. For instant access to rates, use our Commercial Electric Rate Search Engine below.

Our Commercial Electric Rate Search Engine below allows decision makers to quickly review and compare offers from dozens of suppliers. Simply enter in your zip code in the “Search Parameters” box below and wait a few seconds for our search engine to find you the best options for your specific area and business size.

If you are having trouble or have very specific questions that need to be answered, Book A Call with our in-house licensed electricity broker. We’re here to help you lower your business electric bill and make sure you get a contract with no hidden fees or surprises.

All rates offered in this search engine have been vetted by us to make sure there are no hidden fees.

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