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As a Texas resident, you have access to the most advanced deregulated energy market in the U.S. What that means is that you have the power to switch electricity providers, based on rates that they offer. Choosing the right electric company doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We review all major energy providers in Texas and other states to bring you, the customer, great deals.

About Pulse Power Texas

Founded in 2018 and based in the Woodlands, Pulse Power is a Texas-based retail electricity provider focused on providing convenient, affordable, and hassle-free electricity plans that fit the lifestyles of their Texas customers.

Despite its young age, Pulse Power has managed to build a good portfolio of energy products, composed of fixed-rate, 100% renewable energy, and even free nights and weekends electricity plans. If you are unhappy with the plan you have selected, Pulse offers a 90-day guarantee that allows you to switch to a different plan without any cost.

Both residential and commercial customers in Texas can sign up for one of the Pulse Power electricity plans. Apart from electric rates, the provider offers a range of home services too, such as air filters, home warranty, and renter’s insurance.

Pulse Power’s signature power plan is called Texas Saver, offering a steady fixed-rate plan for the duration of 12, 24, or 36 months.

Why Choose Pulse Power

The Texas electricity market is full of electricity providers that compete for the attention of customers. What perks does Pulse Power offer that makes it better than the competition?

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Green energy plans - Renewable energy in Texas is available, affordable, and abundant. It would be a shame not to take advantage of its potential. If you are, like many others, concerned about the impact of CO2 emissions on the future of our planet, the Pulse Power green energy plan might be a great pick.

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90-Day Guarantee - Getting locked in a plan for 6, 12, or 18 months is scary. What if it isn't the right one? If you get cold feet after signing up for a Pulse Power fixed-rate plan, you have 90 days to cancel at no additional cost. All you need to do is fill in a cancellation form. That's pretty generous, don't you think?

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Online Account Management - Pulse Power electricity customers can manage their billing, usage, and other plan details in the  My Account, flexibly from the comfort of their home.

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Home solutions - Apart from electricity rates, Pulse Power has a range of other home services, at a discount for existing customers. You can select a protection plan for your appliances, renter's insurance, or buy a MistBox - a device that will take the pressure off your AC unit and help you reduce your kWh usage.

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Energy-saving tips - With energy prices steadily rising across the country, energy-efficiency is no longer a choice. On its website, the Texas electricity provider Pulse Power has a variety of tips to reduce the amount of power consumed by your household, without jeopardizing your comfort.

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Flexible billing - Your energy plan should be about convenience. Pulse Power allows you to choose how you want to be billed every month - whether it's by phone, a credit/debit card, a mailed check, or enroll in AutoPay.

Pulse Power Plans

Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. Pulse Power offers many different energy plans and you should be familiar with each option’s pros and cons. Below is a brief overview of the main energy products:

Texas Saver 12

A true classic, the Texas Saver plan allows you to lock in your rate for the duration of 12 months, no matter what the wholesale price of electricity might be. However, exiting the contract early (before the 12-months period expires) will cost you $125 in early cancellation fees.

Free Energy Nights 12

A separate type of electricity plan is a Time-Of-Use tariff. The purpose is to incentivize you to shift your energy consumption to a particular time, such as the night hours. With this plan, the electricity you will use between 8 pm and 6 am is free. However, the energy price during the other hours of the day will be slightly more expensive. Are Time Of Use electricity rates worth it? Read to find out the truth about the free nights and weekends electricity.

Texas Green 12

If you worry about your carbon footprint, this energy plan might be the right choice for you. Your energy usage will be offset in full by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are used to subsidize green energy generation.

Free Energy Weekends 12

Much like with the Free Energy Nights 12 plan, Pulse Power offers the possibility to get your electricity for free during the entire weekend. If you are able to do most of your chores during the weekend, this energy plan might offer some real savings. However, you will pay a $125 early cancellation fee, if you decide to leave early.

Pulse Power Main Energy Services

For Residential Customers

Pulse Power offers Texas households an opportunity to sign up for electricity directly on the website. All you need to do is enter your zip code and see all the electric rates that the electric company offers in your area.

But before you sign up, you might want to shop around first and look at energy plans offered by other Texas providers. You never know – you might just find the one.

For Business Customers

The energy requirements of a business are more complicated than those of a household. That’s why Pulse Power requires Texas businesses to fill in an online contact form and contact them directly to create a quote that’s suited to their needs.

However, just like Texas households, commercial customers can shop around for energy plans too. Our website reviews all major Texas electric suppliers and our relationship with suppliers allows us to negotiate and deliver the lowest electric rate. Before you sign up for a rate, you should search around a bit.

Green Energy Options

Texas leads the nation in wind power, which means renewable electricity is always available to you. The Texas Green 12 allows you to lock in a fixed-rate for the duration of one year, all the while Pulse Power purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on your behalf, matching your energy usage.

Other Initiatives

Apart from electric rates, Pulse Power offers a range of related energy products for your home or business. You can sign up for a home protection plan to safeguard against costly repairs for your appliances or get air filters in your home replaced, with the first delivery for free.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy usage, you can invest in a MistBox – a device that sprays fine mist to cool the intake air of your AC unit, dramatically boosting its efficiency.

Pulse Payment Options

Switching to one of Pulse Power’s plans means that your monthly billing will be done with your new energy company. Pulse Power offers customers several convenient methods to settle their bills:


You can enroll in AutoPay in your online customer account and be billed automatically each month by the provider.

My Account

You can log in to your My Account to pay, or you can pay without logging in on Quick Pay Page.

By Phone

You can call Pulse Power and settle your bill on the phone, by dialing 1-833-785-7797.

By Mail

Finally, you can send a check to P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373.

Pulse Power Service Areas

As a true Texan, Pulse Power supplies energy plans and services to residential and commercial customers all around the Lone Star State, mainly in the below Texas cities:

The Woodlands



Fort Worth






Couldn’t find your utility in the above list? Don’t worry, as many as 18 U.S. states allow customers to compare energy plans and switch suppliers. Shopping for the right plan couldn’t be easier. Just enter your zip code and see the best rates in your area.

Pulse Power Reviews

Customer reviews can be very misleading. People, who take the time to leave a review are often motivated either by a particularly negative, one-off experience with their supplier or somehow incentivized to write a positive, and not always truthful review. That is not to say that all online reviews are untrue, but a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted when scrolling through a website with a streak of five-star reviews. 

However, there are a couple of relatively unbiased institutions that seek to improve trust between consumers and businesses – a non-profit market analyst Better Business Bureau and the regulatory institution Public Utility Commission. To see the company reviews, customer service complaints, and understand the BBB rating, visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Contact Pulse Power

If you want to contact Pulse Power to get more information about its energy plans and services in Texas, you can get in touch in one of the following ways:


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Pulse Power:

Where can I pay my Pulse Power bill?

Texas electricity customers who decide to switch to Pulse Power will have their billing updated automatically to reflect the new power provider. Once you receive your first Pulse Power bill, you can pay in one of the following ways:

  • My Account – Log in to your My Account or use the Quick Pay Page
  • By Phone- You can call Pulse Power and settle your bill on the phone, by dialing 1-833-785-7797
  • By Mail – Finally, you can send a check to P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373

How do I sign up for electricity with Pulse Power?

You can search for Pulse Power plans on the supplier’s website. Simply enter your zip code and compare the electricity rates available for your area. When you find the right plan, you can enroll right there with just a few clicks. However, do your research before you sign up – for example, read the Pulse Power reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Review the Electricity Facts Label of each Pulse Power plan and make sure you read the small print.

How can I cancel my Pulse Power service?

Pulse Power grants a 90-day grace period during which you can cancel or switch your electricity plan for another at no cost. To cancel, you can use this online form on the Pulse Power website. However, be aware that if you signed up for a fixed electricity rate and you are past your 90-day grace period, canceling your contract early will likely result in an early termination fee.

What is the Electricity Facts Label?

Electricity Facts Label (‘EFL’) is a standard disclosure required by the Public Utility Commission of Texas for every electricity plan offered by energy providers in the state. You should always read the EFL before you sign up for a plan – it contains the key information about the conditions, the rate per kWh, and the duration of the contract.

Texas customers have long enjoyed the freedom to choose an energy plan and compare electricity rates from independent providers. Pulse Power offers competitive prices, green plans, and additional benefits that make it worthwhile to give it a second look.

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