Electric Suppliers in Texas: Is 4change Energy the Best for You?

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If you want to shop for cheaper electricity rates or simply to switch electricity providers, you’re in luck. Texas residential customers of 4Change Energy have all the benefits that a deregulated energy market has to offer: cheap electricity rates, great customer support; the power to choose your energy plans, the green energy percentage, and most importantly, your energy supplier. 

You can enjoy many benefits of living in Texas, such as free electricity, and a low early termination fee. Low electric bills and total control over your home’s energy usage are some other benefits that living in Texas can provide you with. If you would like to enjoy a sunny climate and mild winters, this is the place to go. 

4Change Energy Electricity Rates

4Change Energy offers every energy plan at the lowest possible electricity rates. Their early termination fee is also one of the lowest in the market, at just $20 per month remaining on the contract. However, if you would like to end the contract because you are moving, you should know that 4Change Energy does not charge any termination fees. What follows are electricity plans offered by 4Change Energy in Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth. 

4Change electricity plans in Dallas – ZIP code: 75001: 

Plan NameAvailabilityPrice per kWhContract Length
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 24Dallas7.6 ¢ / kWh24 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver Bundled 12Dallas7.9 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 12Dallas8.5 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Easy Saver 12Dallas9.5 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Helpful Saver 24Dallas10.9 ¢ / kWh24 Months

4Change electricity plans in Houston – ZIP code: 77001:

Plan NameAvailabilityPrice per kWhContract Length
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 24Houston8.2 ¢ / kWh24 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver Bundled 12Houston8.9 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 12Houston9.5 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Easy Saver 12Houston10.9 ¢ / kWh12 Months
4Change - Charitable Saver 12Houston12.7 ¢ / kWh12 Months

4Change electricity plans in Fort Worth – ZIP code: 76006:

Plan NameAvailabilityPrice per kWhContract Length
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 24Fort Worth$0.07624 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver BundledFort Worth$0.07912 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 12Fort Worth$0.08512 Months
4Change - Maxx Saver 12Fort Worth$0.08712 Months
4Change - Free Energy 12Fort Worth$0.08912 Months

Types of Energy Plans

4Change Energy offers a variety of energy plans in Texas. Depending on your energy needs, you may choose this provider among other energy providers if you want better control over your electricity bill. You can choose between a fixed-rate plan, a variable-rate plan, no deposit plan, a renewable energy plan, and a business or commercial energy plan. All of them come with a low cancelation fee and very little paperwork. 

Fixed-Rate Plans

A fixed-energy plan is the best type of plan there is since this is the only type of energy plan that truly locks in your electricity rate. If you choose this type of energy plan, you will enjoy the benefits of having fixed energy rates throughout the year and even some free usage. We always recommend going for a fixed-rate plan. 

Variable-Rate Plans

Variable-rate plans are available to those who want to use the seasonal changes in electric rate to their own benefit. These plans are the best for those who live elsewhere during the summer, when energy prices are the highest, and move back to Texas during winter when the electricity prices are the lowest. This type of electric plan also carries some risk because your energy rates are not fixed, so in case of high fluctuations on the wholesale market, your monthly bill will be much higher

No-Deposit Plans

No-deposit plans are available to those who have a very high credit score. Alternatively, you can get a no-deposit plan if you want to choose either pay-as-you-go or a prepaid energy plan. This is the best type of plan if you move frequently or if you plan to stay in Texas for a fixed period. 

Green Energy Plans

4Change energy also offers renewable energy plan options for those who want to make a change. This energy plan delivers electricity coming from renewable sources, such as solar energy and wind turbines. With renewable energy plans, you are sure to reduce your carbon footprint

Business Energy Plans

Business energy plans are a type of plan crafted for small and medium-sized businesses. These plans can also include green energy options and are generally available at lower rates than residential Texas electricity rates. 4Change Energy offers commercial energy plans at energy rates up to 15% lower than the residential electric rates. 

By Zip Code

Depending on where in Texas you live, your monthly bill could be very different. 4Change offers its plans at different energy electric rates in different service areas. So, to learn more about 4Change, enter your ZIP code at Electricrate and check out the pricing shown for your area. Choose the electricity plan that suits you and call 4Change Energy to let them know you would like to switch providers. 

Energy Plans in 4Change Energy

4Change Energy rates differ from one plan to the next, so to ensure that you always get the best value for your money, check out their affordable rates and go for a fixed rate whenever possible. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular 4Change energy plans available in Texas: 

Free Energy 12

Free Energy 12 is a great plan for medium-sized families living in small households. Under this plan, you pay the first 500kWh of power you consume. After this, your energy is free until 1,000kWh of energy, after which you keep paying your regular electric rate. This is a fixed-rate plan, and you should sign it for a period of 12 months. 

Helpful Saver 24

Helpful Saver 24 4Change Energy plans are plans that enable you to save up to $105 per month, depending on your exact usage. With this electricity plan, you will get a $35 bill credit after you’ve spent more than 1,000 kWh and $70 after you’ve spent 2,000kWh in a month. This is the best energy plan for large households in the warmest areas of Texas. 

Maxx Saver 12

Maxx Saver 12 is one of the 4Change Energy plans that have no base charge. You can expect to pay around $0.10 per kWh of energy used if you spend around 1,000 kWh of energy every month. Low rates with this plan also come with the standard cancellation fee of $20 per month remaining on the contract. 

Maxx Saver Select 12

Unlike Maxx Saver Select 24, Maxx Saver Select 12 offers slightly higher but still low electricity rates starting from $0.085. You can sign this plan for a period of 12 months with no hidden fees and no base charge, and a low cancellation fee of just $20 per month remaining. 

Maxx Saver Select 24

Maxx Saver Select 24 offers a low electricity rate of just $0.076 and a $100 bill credit after spending 1,000 kWh per month or more. This plan also offers low cancellation fees of just $20 per month remaining. If you choose this energy plan, you will enjoy both low rates and no hidden fees. 

Maxx Saver Bundled 12

Maxx Saver Bundled 12 is a 4Change energy plan that allows you to enjoy a very low energy rate starting at $0.079 in Dallas, TX. This plan guarantees this energy price for the energy use of 1,000kWh per month. If you sign this 12-month long plan, you will enjoy bundled pricing, with no pass thru TDU charges and no hidden fees. 

How To Choose the Best 4Change Energy Plan?

When choosing among the best 4Change Energy plans, you should pay attention to several things. First of all, you should: 

  • Compare electric energy rates in your ZIP code area;
  • 4Change Energy offers both fixed and variable rates 一 choose which works the best for you;
  • Understand your energy consumption;
  • See whether the plans enable online bill pay;
  • Check for the low cancelation fee (they are often free if you move to a new address); and
  • Check out the bill credits you get with the plan. 

4Change Energy rates are very competitive, so check out their pricing in your service area. In general, 4Change Energy rates plans are suited to cover most of the needs, so you will be able to find something regardless of your energy needs. 

Utility Company vs Energy Provider

compare energy companies

When looking for your new services, such as when switching power providers or moving to a new address and a new ZIP code service area, you will often see the terms utility company and energy provider. Although similar, these two types of companies are very different yet. For this reason, you should understand the difference between the two. 

Your utility company is the company taking care of the power lines or the power grid in your service area. In case of a line falling or a blackout, this is the company that is responsible for bringing you back online. They also transmit the energy from the power plant to your home. There are five Texas-based utility companies. 

An energy provider or a power company is the company that buys power in bulk in the wholesale energy market and then sells it to you. Depending on your ZIP code, there could be dozens of energy providers working in this service area. Always make sure to check them all out, as this could save money by finding more affordable rates. 4Change is a Texas-based energy provider and one of the biggest working in the state. 

Other 4Change Energy Initiatives

4Change Energy is known for its generous initiatives. This company believes in the community and giving back, so four percent of their annual profits go towards different charities. Besides these, they also offer Visa gift cards and stimulate expanding their customers this way. 

4Friends Referrals

With 4Friends Referrals, you can get a $25 Visa gift card for every friend you recommend to 4Change energy. This way, you can make some extra cash while helping your friends find the most affordable rates in Texas. Contact 4Change Energy for more information on the initiative. 

Community Investment and Charities

4Change Energy believes in bringing change to society. For this reason, they donate four percent of their annual profits to different Texas charities. Currently, four percent of their profits go to the following charitable organizations: 

Their most regular donations go to the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross. 

4Change Energy Service Areas

4Change Energy Company works in many service areas in Texas. With their affordable electricity rates and significant benefits for their customers, the company is set to expand further. They currently work in the following ZIP code areas:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Arlington
  • Allen
  • Carrollton
  • Cypress
  • DeSoto
  • Georgetown
  • Houston
  • Irving
  • Katy
  • Mesquite
  • Plano
  • Round Rock
  • Sugar Land
  • The Woodlands

Moving or Transfering Service With 4Change Energy

If you move and would like to keep all the benefits that your 4Change energy plan has to offer, contact the company and provide them with your new address. If they happen to work in your new service area, you will be able to switch their services with no charge and no early termination fee. You should contact them a few weeks or months early to ensure your rates are switched to your new home early enough. 

Billing and Payment

Billing and payment are easy with 4Change Energy. This energy provider enables online billing for your convenience. If you compare electricity providers, you will see that not many of them enable this type of payment. With online payments, you can forget about late fees and extra payments. 

How To Lower Your Bill?

The first thing to do when lowering your monthly bill is to make sure that you understand your exact energy usage. Electricity providers in Texas base their energy plan options based on three tiers of energy use: 

Knowing your exact usage can lower your energy bill by several dozens of dollars a month. Furthermore, you should follow some common tips for lowering your electricity bill: 

All these can help you bring down your effective energy electric rates and save hundreds of dollars to Texas residential customers. 

Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee comes with most energy plan options offered by 4Change Energy. Checking out electricity plans also means checking out the termination fee or cancellation fee. In most cases, you will be expected to pay $20 per month remaining. 

Energy Deregulation in 4Change Energy

4Change works in a deregulated energy market. As such, it is free to offer the lowest rates in its electricity plans without the state of Texas interfering with its pricing scheme. This brings a lot of benefits to you and other customers of this energy company. You will be able to enjoy: 

What Is 4Change Energy?

4Change Energy is an energy provider working in the deregulated areas of Texas. If you would like to buy a new energy plan, you’re in the right place: this energy provider offers fixed-rate, variable-rate, and green energy plans to make sure every customer gets what they want. Established in 2001, 4Change Energy has ensured great respect from their customers, and other energy providers compete with them in terms of customer support quality and energy plan diversity. 

Benefits of Choosing 4Change Energy

4CHange Energy is currently one of the biggest energy providers in the state of Texas. As a private company, they are aware that a satisfied customer is a returning customer. For this reason, they include a lot of benefits with all their plans. Some of the benefits of choosing 4Change Energy include: 

  • Low electricity rates with most energy plans, 
  • Free electricity with some plans
  • Energy bill credits with some electricity plans and a minimum exact usage, 
  • The power to choose green energy plans, and electricity coming from solar power or wind energy. 

4Change Energy Customer Support

If you would like to switch to 4Change Energy and choose one of their great fixed or variable rate plans, you should contact their great customer support. You can do that through: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 866-346-1812, 
  • Phone Number: 866-604-3044 (toll-free), and 
  • Mailing Address: 4Change Energy, PO Box 660361, Dallas, TX 75266-0361


What is the best energy provider in Texas?

4Change Energy is one of the best energy provider companies in Texas. 4Change energy offers several electricity plan options and a low electric rate with every one of them. Always contact the companies to ensure that the pricing shown is still valid and that there are no additional charges. In general, bundled packages with a fixed rate are the best among 4Change energy plans. 

Can an energy supplier cut you off?

An energy supplier can cut you off, but only after certain steps have been undertaken. Your energy supplier has to send you a formal, written notice on your outstanding payments and provide you with different ways and payment plans that will enable you to pay off the debt in a way that suits you. In the case that no payments are made for a prolonged period of time, your energy provider may disconnect your service. 

Does 4Change energy have an app?

4Change Energy does not have an app. However, they have a great mobile site that enables you to use all the functions normally found in an app. This is the best substitute that does a great job at saving your smartphone memory for the things you need it for the most. 

How do I cancel 4Change energy?

If you would like to cancel your 4Change Energy plan, you should contact their representative on 855-784-2426. Here, you should be able to provide an account number and customer details and state the reason for leaving the company. If you’ve found a better company, you may be able to negotiate your current electricity plan and ensure a better electric rate. If you still want to leave 4Change Energy, you will get a confirmation email or a letter. 


4Change Energy is one of the best electricity providers working in Texas. Their energy plan options are suited to everyone’s needs, and their generous contributions to various Texas charities, such as Feeding Texas and the American Cancer Society, will ensure that your money goes to where it is needed the most. Use Electricrate to check out their electric energy rates in your area and renewable energy plans if you also want to help mitigate climate change. Cheap electricity rates, great customer support, and online payments are the benefits you will get if you make your switch to this provider. 

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