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Delaware Electricity Rates

Delaware is one of the 15 deregulated US states.

The majority of Delaware is serviced by the utility Delmarva Power and Light. Customers who do not shop for competitive rates pay a default rate known as the Price to Compare.

Provider Plan Term Rate Savings  
36 months
10.99¢ / kWh
Direct Energy
18 months
13.89¢ / kWh
Spark Energy
24 months
15.09¢ / kWh
Direct Energy
12 months
15.29¢ / kWh
Clearview Energy
100% renewable energy
6 months
15.79¢ / kWh

Same Bill, Lower Rate

The Price to Compare rate can be found on your Delmarva Electric Bill in the Supply portion of the invoice. When you choose another electric supplier with a lower rate, you will still get the same bill from Delmarva Power, with the lower rate replacing the Price to Compare. The electric bill from Delmarva Power will state your electric supplier underneath the “Supply Section” followed by your KWh consumption and rate.

Delaware Energy Market Overview

Delaware has deregulated its energy market in 1999 and since then, the residents of the second-smallest state in the United States have had the choice in who supplies their power. The increased competition among the competitive electric suppliers has driven the electricity prices down – the average residential electricity rate in Delaware is now 12.24 cents per kilowatt-hour, bang on the national US average.

Unfortunately, not all Delaware residents can benefit from deregulation. Currently, only the customers served by the utilities Delmarva Power and Delaware Electric Cooperative have energy choice.  And the benefit to the residential and commercial customers can be substantial – as the supply charges make up approximately 65% of the average electric bill in Delaware.

If you switch to an alternative electric provider, you will still have your electricity delivered by their state utility provider. You can also call the utility company when your power goes out. However, when it comes to the electric rate – it’s your choice.

Comparing Electricity Rates in Delaware

The Delaware state government does a great job, educating residents about their electric choice.  It publishes a list of active electric suppliers in the state, including a direct link to the energy offers that customers are able to choose from. This might be easy for an experienced energy choice connoisseur, but a regular person can experience information overload.

That’s why we are here. On our website, you can compare electric rates in your area by simply entering your zip code. We carefully review all electric suppliers to also include information about customer service contact details, bill payment options and little extras that they offer to customers.

Utility Companies in Delaware

The customers served by two state utility companies in Delaware are able to compare electricity rates of alternative providers and switch – Delaware Electric Cooperative and Delmarva Power. Each of the utilities has to publish its residential Price to Compare – the electricity rate for the supply portion of your bill. You can then compare this rate with other competitive energy plans, offered by alternative electricity suppliers.

Delmarva Power

Delmarva Power rates

The company is responsible for electric delivery to customers throughout Delaware and natural gas delivery customers in northern Delaware.

  • Customer service number: 1-800-375-7117
  • Current standard electricity rate: ​7.36 ¢ / kWh

Delaware Electric Cooperative

Delaware Electric Cooperative rates

The company provides electricity to rural areas in Kent and Sussex counties in Delaware, serving 94,000 households and businesses.

  • Customer service number: 1-855-332-9090

Energy Plans & Products in Delaware

Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. Navigating through complex information about electricity rates can be confusing and can ultimately deter you from shopping for a better deal. Below is all you need to know about the different energy products that energy companies offer to Delaware residents:

PlanDescriptionWhat's Good?What's Bad?
Green / Renewable EnergyOn this plan, your supplier will match the energy you consume by buying an equal amount from renewable generators
  • A great option for the environmentally conscious Delaware residents
  • Renewable energy still costs a bit more than non-renewable energy (though the good feeling is priceless)
PrepaidThis plan lets you pre-purchase power for your home at a set price, like a prepaid cell phone
  • Reduced chance of a bill shock at the end of the month
  • If you are forgetful and don’t update your plan, you might find yourself without power half-way through shower
Variable RateYour per-unit gas and electricity costs can vary at the discretion of your supplier
  • More flexible than fixed-rate, can exit without incurring fees
  • More expensive than fixed rates
  • Supplier is free to hike up the price
Fixed Rate Your unit price for gas and electricity will remain the same for the duration of the plan
  • Protection against supplier’s price hikes
  • Usually cheapest
  • Often carry cancellation fees, if you want to exit early
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)By purchasing 1 REC, you purchase the environmental benefits of 1MWh of renewable energy generation
  • Reputational gains and compliance targets for businesses with a mandated renewable obligation
  • There are no real downsides -RECs are fairly cheap and the system is secured and tightly monitored.

Alternative Energy Options in Delaware

Funded by the U.S Department of Energy, the state of Delaware plays an active role in promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy through its State Energy Program. Apart from educating the public about alternative energy sources, funds are provided to several programs that cultivate sustainable energy initiatives.

Delaware has no fossil fuel resources, but it does have renewable resources, such as solar or wind. That means, that as a resident, you have a lot of available options to green up if you are concerned about the environment.

delaware electricity rates green energy

Choose a green energy plan - The Delaware state legislature mandates that 25% of electricity providers' energy portfolios are sourced from renewable sources by 2025. This has created a market for partially or fully renewable energy plans, that are now sold at competitive prices in Delaware. Enter your zip code to compare the green energy plans available in your area.

delaware electricity rates customer charge

Home Energy Loan Program - The state offers low-interest loans from $1,000 to $15,000 to homeowners, who are interested in investing in solar or other energy-efficient technologies in their homes when installed by one of the program's eligible contractors.

delaware electricity rates price to compare

Renewable Energy Assistance - On top of the loans, the state government of Delaware offers grant funds, rebates, and incentives for qualifying renewable energy systems by applicants whose electricity company participates in the program.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Delaware electricity rates:

Is Delaware deregulated for electricity?

Unfortunately, not all of the Delaware electricity market is currently deregulated. Currently, only the customers served by the utilities Delmarva Power and Delaware Electric Cooperative can benefit from the energy choice.

How much does Delmarva Power charge per kWh?

Delmarva Power’s current Price to Compare for residential customers is 7.36 cents per kilowatt-hour. If they are your service provider, you can see alternative electricity rates in your area by entering your zip code here.

How much electricity does Delaware use annually?

Delaware is the smallest energy-producing state, consuming almost 100 times more energy than it produces, and the state’s total energy consumption is the third-lowest in the nation mainly because of its small population.

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