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New Power Texas Reviews

New Power Texas is a retail electricity provider operating in Texas. It is a trusted company that aims at providing Texas homes with clear and transparent pricing schemes. They also work with Texas businesses and enable all users to save money by choosing among many electricity plans tailored for Texas customers. 

New Power Texas Rates & Plans

New Power Texas offers a variety of plans with fixed-rate or variable rate electricity prices, renewable energy, and one of the lowest rates in business energy plans. All these contracts are available in periods of 1-3 years, with an added bonus of a three-month perfect energy plan. To choose your best plan, simply head over to their website and check out their energy rates. 

Examples of New Power Texas Basic Electricity Rates and Plans, for Oncor Area, pricing is shown as of 10/17/2021: 

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
New Power Texas - Power of Credit 1212 Months$0.079/ kWh
New Power Texas - Power of Credit 2424 Months$0.080/ kWh
New Power Texas - Power of Credit 3636 Months$0.082/ kWh
New Power Texas - Power of One 1212 Months$0.216/ kWh
New Power Texas - Power of One 2424 Months$0.218/ kWh
New Power Texas - Power of One 3636 Months$0.220 / kWh

Types of Energy Plans


A fixed-rate energy plan provides you with security and peace of mind of knowing that you will be paying exactly the same electricity rates for the duration of your contract. Having a fixed-rate contract with your energy provider means that you are immune to energy price fluctuations in the wholesale energy market and that weather extremes and energy generation disruptions will not impact you in any way. 

The extra security comes at a price, though. Usually, fixed-rate plans are slightly more expensive than any variable-rate plan and are signed for longer periods of time. If you want to end the electricity contract early, that is possible, but you may have to pay an early termination fee or an early cancellation fee. This kind of contract is the kind we suggest most customers should take. 

Variable Rate

A variable-rate plan offers low prices for every kWh you spend. This is a great option to have, especially for Texas households with higher energy demand. New Power Texas electricity plans with a variable rate are a popular option because you can save money and get more flexibility in every aspect of the contract. 

However, this flexibility comes at a price, too. While you will mostly enjoy lower electricity rates, you will also be more prone to absorbing the shock of energy price fluctuations in the wholesale market. The winter of 2020/2021 reminds us that going for a fixed rate is probably a better option. 

On the other hand, if you are unsure about how long you will be living in the same area or if this is the right energy provider for you, variable-rate electricity plans are a great deal for you. With these plans, there is no cancelation fee and you will be able to switch to a new electricity provider if you find one with lower energy rates. 

Green Energy

New Power Texas green energy plans are a great solution for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and get the best available rates for renewable energy. Green Energy plans usually come in two forms: net metering for those who have residential solar and renewable energy plans for those who have no space to install solar panels. 

Net-metering is for those who want to use New Power Texas as their retail electricity provider, but have solar panels on their rooftop. This way, you produce energy and whatever is not used is fed to the grid and you get bill credits. During cloudy days, nights, as well as the wintertime, you take energy back from the grid. At the end of the month, you only pay the net difference. 

Renewable energy plans have no bill credit option but the electricity you use is delivered to you from different renewable energy generators. These can be solar plants, wind turbines, hydropower plants, and many other forms of renewable energy. 

Business Energy Plans

New Power Texas business energy plans offer commercial power for your business. To find out more about this option, head over to their website and explore New Power Texas plans for business customers. 

New Power Service Area

The New Power Service area is determined by the utilities that operate as part of the ERCOT grid – the deregulated 90% of the TX power grid. Within this area, New Power Texas works with ONCOR, CenterPoint, TNMP, and AEP utilities. By heading over to their website and making a New Power Texas Account, you can get even more detailed information on the service area and the New Power Texas electricity rates. 

Effects of Texas Energy Deregulation

Texas Energy Deregulation had massive effects on the retail energy market in Texas. Deregulation was meant to decrease the price of electricity in Texas and to offer a higher quality service to the customers. Every electricity provider had to work hard to keep existing electricity customers and to bring in new ones. 

The New Power Texas team did this by making the right plan for every segment of the market and by offering great rates and service. The great low rate is supposed to satisfy every customer there is and the most popular cities are included in New Power Texas service. To check availability in your area, simply enter your ZIP code. 

New Power Service Registration Processes & Requirements

New Power registration process and requirements is a multi-step but easy procedure: 

  1. Contact the New Power Texas Representative (we advise a fixed-rate electricity plan be chosen), 
  2. Submit required documents for connection to the service provider, 
  3. Get an appointment for inspection, 
  4. Wait for approval from the company, 
  5. Approval of Electric Wiring Scheme, 
  6. Notifying the client of the fees that should be paid and 
  7. Connecting the electricity. 

The process of application with other energy providers is more or less the same. 

Bill Payment Methods

New Power Texas offers several ways to pay for your exact usage: 

  1. Autopay – automatic deductions are made to your checking account, this is the most convenient option and is recommendation irrelevant of your contract lengths, 
  2. Pay by mail – send the stub and the check or money to pay at the lowest Texas electricity rates. Send the mail to: P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373-4377. 
  3. Pay by phone – speak to an operator at 866-505-0115, or 
  4. Pay online – paperless billing –  the second most convenient way to easily pay for your energy usage. 

Switching, Moving, and Cancellation Fees

When moving, make sure you have a good idea of what your new service provider offers. Use the Power to Choose Texas website to easily find out all the relevant details. Only switch operators if you have found the best deal, but beware that low rates can grow as the electricity company expands. The cash you save with suspiciously low rates for basic electricity is often paid in the long run as your usage grows. 

Transferring your Electricity Plan

If you’ve found the right plan with New Power, make sure to transfer it to your new home when you move. With New Power, transferring your New Power service is as easy as filling out an online form. Enter details such as the new address and ZIP code and your power supply and bill will be transferred to your new service address. You’ll also be able to keep the best rates and access the best services. 

Power Outage Reporting

New Power Texas is a retail electricity provider, so in case of outages, you should contact your utility company. Always check who maintains utilities in your ZIP code area and contact them for more information: 

  1. Oncor: 888-313-4747
  2. Centerpoint: 800-332-7143
  3. TNMP: 888-866-7456
  4. AEP: 866-223-8508
  5. Sharyland Utilities: 800-545-4513

Customer Service Information

To contact New Power, try reaching out through: 


What is the most expensive utility?

Utilities in Texas are not really expensive. Texas can boast a 15% lower residential electricity rate and a 30% lower commercial electricity rate than other US states. For an added benefit, a lot of this power also comes from renewable sources, so there is also the benefit for the environment. 

What is the cheapest energy in Texas?

Pulse Power, a sister company of New Power Texas offers the lowest electricity rates on the market. New Power offers electricity at prices starting from $0.079/ kWh. This is low, even for Texas residential electricity. 

Why did Texas electrical grid fail?

In February 2021, Texas electrical grid failed because of several factors. First of all, the record low temperature froze gas pipes that deliver gas to some power plants in Texas. Secondly, many roads were completely shut off, so coal-hauling trucks could not make it to some other power plants. 
The grid was already running on fumes when the residents’ heaters started working longer hours to compensate for extra-low temperatures. This puts too much strain on the grid and the power generation facilities get knocked out from the grid one by one. This is an automatic process that is supposed to save the hardware. As power plants get offline, individual areas lose electricity. 

Can I switch electric companies if I owe money in Texas?

Yes, you can switch electric companies even if you owe cash for your bills in TX. To do this, you should place a deposit with the new electricity provider. Beware that your old provider may have a switch hold on your account and that they may keep it that way until you end your contract with them first. 


New Power Texas is a great electricity provider in Texas. They focus on transparency, ease of use, and putting the power to choose the best for you in your hands. New Power TX works together with their sister company, Pulse Power, to offer the best electricity prices in TX, the greatest advantage for you as their consumer as well as a multitude of ways to pay your bill the easiest way every month. Check out the New Power Texas offer and decide on the best plan for your household. 

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