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cirro energy customer serviceCirro Energy is an electric company that is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. They’ve been established since 2001 and are currently serving over 150,000 customers in Texas alone. Cirro Energy is best known for its competitive rates and services that they have available. 

If you’re in Texas and are looking for an electric company, read on to find out everything there is to know about Cirro Energy. We’ll talk about their plans, services, outage information, and more. Let’s get started by talking about the history of Cirro Energy and the area they serve. 

About Cirro Energy 


cirro energy plans texasCirro Energy is owned by NRG Energy. This company acquired Cirro in 2014 and has several other energy companies under its management as well. The headquarters are located in Richardson, Texas, and was established in 2001. Something that makes Cirro Energy unique is that, even though it’s based in Texas, they provide electricity to residents and businesses all across the United States. 

They are also highly focused on the community they serve. Cirro Energy is known for providing sponsorships for various organizations. They have a history of making regular donations to several different charities and organizations. 

Operating State

Cirro Energy operates in Texas.

Services Area

Cirro Energy has four other electric companies that offer service areas in a variety of places. For starters, CenterPoint Energy is affiliated with Cirro Energy and serves the Houston area. AEP Texas serves Cirro Energy customers that are located in south or west Texas. 

Oncor also is an affiliate that provides electricity to their customers in Midland, Odessa, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Last but not least, Texas-New Mexico Power Area serves a small area near Fort Stockton, as well as dispersed areas north of Dallas.

Affordable Plans And Flexible Contract Options

There are four different plans for residents that Cirro Energy has to offer.

Fixed-Rate 12 months

This is the most popular plan that Cirro Energy has available. When you sign up for this, you will receive a fixed-rate plan and pay the same price every month for 12 months. 

Fixed-Rate 6 months

Their fixed-rate six-month plan is called “Cirro Energy’s Smart SecureSM 6 Plan”. It’s similar to the plan above, but half the plan length.

Fixed-Rate 24 months

Choose the Smart Lock 24 plan to have a fixed-rate monthly bill for two years.

Variable-Rate – No Commitment 

If you’re scared of commitment or want to test the waters a bit, Cirro Energy provides a variable-rate plan that requires no plan length commitment and doesn’t have any cancellation fees. It is important to note that, with this plan, you will not pay the same amount every month. Your bill total will rise and fall depending on the amount of electricity used. 

If you have a business in Texas, there are also three plans available. This is how Cirro Energy describes the different plans: 

Fixed-Rate Business

Lock in a low rate throughout the life of the contract.

Index Business

This plan allows your business to follow the market price of electricity with the option to lock a fixed rate at any time.

Variable-Rate Business

Enjoy the flexibility of no commitment.”

Choosing A Plan

How do you know which plan is best for you and your needs? In order to find this out, you want to pay attention to your energy usage. This will give you a better idea of what your bill might be. 

Once you know your usage, you can use this information to compare plans and rates. Energy is measured and priced according to a kilowatt hour rate. The advertised “price per kWh” is based on a specific, exact monthly usage, which on average is 2,000 kWh. 

You can calculate your price per kWh by taking your monthly bill and dividing it by the amount of usage for that month. It can be a lot less confusing if you shop for plans based on your monthly bill, instead of going the “price per kWh” route. 

Online And Mobile Account Management

Managing your account with Cirro Energy is incredibly simple. You can do so by using a web browser such as Safari or you can download the Prism app. There are a variety of things you can do to manage your account online. Most people like the ability to see upcoming bills or their energy usage

You can also do things like changing your payment method, sign up for auto-bill pay, change your address, and more. It is quick and easy to update your profile information. If you have any questions about your profile or account, customer service agents are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions

Payment Options

There are a variety of different ways that Cirro Energy customers can pay their bills. You can pay over the internet using your checking account, debit card, or credit card. If you live near a Kroger or Fiesta, you’ll be able to take advantage of being able to pay for your bill in person.

Cirro Energy also allows customers to use checks or their credit or debit card to pay over the phone. Lastly, there are two mailing options: normal bill pay and overnight payments. With so many ways to pay your bill, you won’t have to worry about late payments or a lack of options. Cirro Energy has no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay. 

Home Solutions

When you live in Texas, you are more at risk for things like hurricanes and tornadoes. Those things, along with other events, are unpredictable, but Cirro offers a handful of home solutions to have your back. Below you’ll read detailed reviews about the three options that they have available. 

Electric-Line Protect

With the first home solution available, Cirro will help to protect most of the wiring in your house. You can receive up to $1,000 if you need electrical wiring repairs unexpectedly. This also includes things like your light switches, breaker panels, and even circuit breakers. 

Cirro Energy partnered with Allied Warranty to allow you to get this type of coverage by paying less than $7 per month. This fee is automatically added to your bill each month. If something happens where you need to use the coverage, Allied Warranty will send out certified technicians to make any repairs that may need to be done.

Repairs That Are Covered

  • Breaker panel, sub panels, circuit breakers, and circuits (up to 400 amps)
  • Wiring from breaker panel to outlets and switches (including GFCI)
  • Wall-mounted switches and dimmer switches
  • Main service disconnect

Plan Benefits

  • Up to $1,000 in annual coverage for your home’s inside wiring
  • Potential savings of about $200 for a service call
  • Licensed and insured service technicians

Surge Protect

Like you read earlier, there are plenty of severe storms in Texas, which is why Cirro Energy has a Surge Protect Plan. This costs between $4.99 and $6.99 per month, depending on which level you sign up for. The Surge Protect will cover the majority of household electronics, including things like your TV, computer, stove, fridge, and dishwasher. 

Similar to the Electric-Line plan above, this includes between $500 and $1,000 in annual coverage, depending on your plan level. You can use the coverage if your appliances and/or electronics have been damaged or destroyed by lightning or a power surge. We all know how expensive electronics can be and to be able to have them covered for less than $10 per month is a steal. 

Plan Options

  • Basic plan is $4.99 per month for coverage up to $500 per year
  • Premium plan is $6.99 per month for coverage up to $1,000 per year

Plan Benefits

  • Up to $1,000 in annual coverage for covered components
  • Licensed and insured service technicians
  • No service call fee
  • No cancellation fee or penalty

Electric-Line And Surge Protect

cirro energy power outageWho doesn’t love a good bundle? Cirro Energy provides an Electric-Line and Sure Protect Plan bundling option. This is easily the best deal since it combines the two plans you just read about into one. This means that your electronics, wiring, appliances, and more will be covered.

This plan is another partnership with Allied Warranty who will send out certified electricians and technicians if need be. Lastly, it costs just $9.99 per month and is automatically applied to your electric bill. For just a few bucks more than either of the individual plans, you can have them both. 

Bundle Benefits:

  • Up to $1,000 in annual coverage for surge damage
  • Up to $1,000 per year for electrical wiring repair
  • No cancellation fee or penalty

Auto-bill Pay

Cirro Energy has a feature called Auto-bill Pay. This is when you link your checking account or debit card to your Cirro Energy account. The company will automatically charge your account and pay your bill on the same day each month. This alleviates any anxiety about missing a bill or not having the finances in time. You are able to pick which date of the month you’d like to be charged. 

If you enroll in auto-bill pay, you will still receive a bill that shows that you’ve paid for that month. Think of it more like a receipt or something to keep for your records. You can also change your payment method at any time if you need to. If you’re already a Cirro Energy customer, they’ve made it incredibly easy to sign up for auto-bill pay. Follow the directions below, and you’ll be all set! 

  1. Log in to your My Cirro account.
  2. Select the “Payment Options” tab.
  3. Click “Manage Auto Pay”.
  4. Select an Auto Pay Method from the drop-down list
  5. Click “Update”.

Once you’ve finished step five, the auto-bill pay will take effect on your next billing cycle. 

Customer Service

One thing that makes Cirro Energy stand out is the customer service that they offer. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is incredibly convenient for their customers that may work odd hours, college students who are busy, or for those who don’t work the standard Monday through Friday workweek. 

Cirro Energy has customer service employees who are incredibly well-educated and can help both potential customers and existing customers. These employees will help with any questions you may have about Cirro, your account, your bill, payment options, and more. 


When you’re comparing the reliability of electricity providers throughout Texas, you’ll find that Cirro Energy is incredibly reliable! It’s a bit difficult to assess reliability for an electricity provider, as they are not in charge of delivering electricity to your house or business, and they don’t respond to any power outages. 

Cirro Energy is partnered with Transmission Distribution Utility. When it comes to reliability, you wouldn’t reach out to Cirro if you have an issue. You’d actually reach out to CenterPoint Energy if you live in Houston or Oncor Electric Delivery if you live in the Dallas area. 

That all being said, all of these companies that have partnered together have been trusted for decades to bring high-quality and reliable service to customers all across the state of Texas.


Cirro Energy

2745 Dallas Pkwy Suite 200

Plano, TX 75093

Phone Number

Call 1(800) 692-4776 to reach Cirro Energy.

Cirro Energy Electric Rates

Services Offered

Cirro Energy provides a variety of great services that their customers enjoy.

  •   Online Account Management
  •   Reliable, Secure Service
  •   Convenient Payment Options
  •   Customer Service
  •   Flexible Contract Options

They also have Electric Line Protection, as mentioned above. That is a service that provides protection to the majority of wiring within your home. This includes light switches, circuit breakers, and breaker panels. 

Another service that was touched on briefly above is that Cirro Energy provides Surge Protection. In the event that a power surge takes place, Cirro will cover most smaller kitchen appliances like your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and stove. It also covers electronics outside of the kitchen as well, such as a computer or television.

Lastly, there is a combo pack called Electric Line with Surge Protect that gives you both of the services above at a discounted rate. Customers love having these options.

Electric Rates

Cirro Average Rates


Comparison Chart – Dallas 

ProviderPlanRatePlan Length
TXUClear Deal 1210.9¢ / kWh12 Months
TXUSaver Discount 1214.7¢ / kWh24 Months
TXUFree Nights & Solar Days 1214.9¢ / kWh12 Months
ReliantReliant Clear Flex13.1¢ / kWhMonthly
ReliantReliant Secure Advantage 1212.1¢ / kWh12 Months
ReliantReliant Truly Free Weekends 1214.5¢ / kWh12 Months
Cirro EnergySmart Value 12 Online8.5¢ / kWh12 Months

Comparison Chart – Houston

ProviderPlanRatePlan Length
TXUClear Deal 1211.9¢ / kWh12 Months
TXUSaver’s Discount 1215.9¢ / kWh24 Months
TXUFree Nights & Solar Days 1215.9¢ / kWh12 Months
ReliantReliant Clear Flex14.2¢ / kWhMonthly
ReliantReliant Secure Advantage 1213.2¢ / kWh12 Months
ReliantReliant Truly Free Weekends 1215.5¢ / kWh12 Months
Cirro EnergySmart Value 12 Online9.6¢ / kWh12 Months

As you can see from the chart above, Cirro provides the most cost-efficient option out of the lot.

Cirro Energy Customer Service Information

Pay Bill

There are a handful of convenient ways that you can pay your bill if Cirro Energy is your electric company. For starters, you can pay online with your checking account. You also pay online using your debit or credit card.

There is also the option to pay by phone. You can use a check, credit card, or debit card for this. Their bill pay number is 1-800-MY-CIRRO (692-4776). Cirro Energy also allows you to pay in person. This is incredibly convenient for many people, especially elderly consumers who don’t use technology. You can pay in person at Fiesta and Kroger stores. 

Lastly, you can pay by mail. There are two different addresses, depending on if you need standard bill pay or overnight bill pay. 

For Payments

Cirro Energy

U.S. Retailers, LLC

P.O. Box 660004

Dallas, TX 75266-0004

For Overnight Payments

Cirro Energy

U.S. Retailers, LLC

1501 N. Plano Rd

Richardson, TX 75081

I also wanted to touch a little bit on how to understand your bill. Whether you opt for a traditional bill by mail or you choose the paperless option, you will receive a bill every month for your records. On your bill you will see the following information:

  • Account number
  • Account summary
  • Amount due
  • Bill due date
  • Electricity usage summary with table
  • Your plan type
  • An energy charge
  • A delivery charge
  • The average of what you pay per month

There is also a convenient customer service number on your bill to give you quick access to someone who will be able to answer any questions you may have about said bill. In addition, they include a part of the bill that can be mailed in with a check if you’re paying by mail.

Report An Outage

Outages happen for several reasons, whether that be weather related, a car accident, or even a tree falling on power lines. If any of this happens, you are able to report the outage to help the company and fellow Cirro customers. 

If you’re needing to do so, you can report an outage for Cirro Energy, along with any of the companies related to Cirro. You can also report power outages by using the numbers listed below.

  • AEP Service Area


  • Oncor Electric Service Area


  • CenterPoint Energy Service Area


  • Texas – New Mexico Power Area


To be certain it’s a power outage and not something else, check your breaker and fuses to make sure that everything is correctly switched on. If everything is fine with your fuses, head on over to your neighbors to see if they’ve lost power as well. If they have, it may be time to call in a power outage to help ensure quicker restoration.

Outage Map

Cirro Energy has four outage maps available. Outage maps show you where outages are in the state, how many people are affected, and when you can expect your power to be restored. There is a map for CenterPoint Energy Service Area, AEP Service Area, Oncor Electric Service Area, and Texas – New Mexico Power Area. 

Customer Service Number 

Call:  1-800-MY-CIRRO

Residential Hours: Daily 7am – 10pm Central Standard Time

Small Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm Central Standard Time


Is Pennywise Power Cirro Energy?

Cirro Energy is a company that has customers from other energy companies. This includes Pennywise Power, Green Mountain Energy, and Reliant Energy. 

Does Cirro Energy have an app?

Cirro Energy has an app through Prism. This is where you can pay your bills, view and report outages, and more.

Where can I pay my Cirro Energy bill?

There are four different ways that Cirro Energy allows its customers to pay their bills. This includes online, via phone, in person, and by mail. 

How do I change my payment method on Cirro Energy?

It’s fairly simple to switch your payment method for Cirro Energy. The first thing you need to do is log in to your account. Choose “Payment Options” on the tabs and then click “Manage Auto Pay”. You will see a drop-down menu that has the option for the autopay method and click “update”.


Cirro Energy is a well-known and trusted company that has provided electricity to tens of thousands of residents and businesses all over the great state of Texas for nearly 20 years. They have several plan options available as well as competitive home and business solutions. If you’ve made it this far, you’re practically an expert on the company. For those of you who live in the Lone Star state, you may want to consider switching to Cirro Energy.

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