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Texas New Mexico Power [TNMP]: Data & Facts in 2024

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Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) is an investor-owned utility company that transmits and delivers electricity. Based in Lewisville, it is responsible for supplying electric power to over 260,000 homes and businesses across Texas.   

Texas-New Mexico Power is one of the five major utility companies that operate on the ERCOT grid. Its service areas cover communities in North Central, West Texas, the Gulf Coast, and some cities in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s a utility company. As such, it supplies electricity and takes charge of maintaining power lines and electric meters and responding to power outages.  

Why Choose TNMP?

There are several reasons why you should choose Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP). For one, they help energy consumers find energy-efficient home builders and contractors. They also provide incentives for customers in the TNMP service areas who strive to reduce their power consumption. Consumers who are eligible for the said incentives are:  

  • Those who use less electricity during hours of peak demand
  • Those whose energy consumption falls below a set area standards.

Moreover, Texas-New Mexico Power also offers efficiency programs for low-income customers in their service area.  

TNMP TDU Delivery Charges

The Texas Public Utilities Commission sets the fees charged by utilities for electricity delivery. As such, Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) has no control over the delivery charges. The amount does not change often. Twice in a year is generally the maximum number of times the delivery charges can increase or decrease. These go into the maintenance of the electric facilities that bring electricity to homes and businesses.   

On the other hand, electricity prices depend on various factors, in which supply and demand are one of them. Hence, you can expect electricity rates to fluctuate regularly. Currently, Texas-New Mexico Power delivery charges are as follows:  

  • TDU monthly base fee: $7.85 per month  
  • TDU cents per kWh energy rate: 4.0403 cents per kWh  

Texas-New Mexico Power Rates

Much of Texas is under a deregulated energy market. That gives consumers the option to choose their retail electric provider. Most of Texas-New Mexico’s service area is under deregulation. If you live in one of those areas, you can choose from several retail energy providers that offer affordable electricity rates. Any one of their energy plans might suit your budget and needs.  

Plan Name and CompanyPlan LengthElectric Rate per Kilowatt-Hour
Eagle 36 (TriEagle Energy)36 months$0.100 / kWh
Frontier Super Value 12 (Frontier Utilities)12 months$0.101 / kWh
Flash 12 - with Auto Pay (Express Energy)12 Months$0.103 / kWh
Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 (Gexa Energy)12 Months$0.103/ kWh
Maxx Saver Select 12 ($Change Energy)12 Months$0.105 / kWh
Power Plus 12 (Just Energy)12 months$0.115 / kWh
Bigger Than Texas 24 (Energy Texas)24 months$0.124 / kWh
Champ Saver 36 (Champion Energy Services)36 months$0.126 / kWh
Simply Green 30 (Rhythm Energy)30 months$0.129 / kWh
Smart Value 12 Online (Cirro Energy)12 Months$0.134 / kWh

TNMP Safety and Efficiency Programs

TNMP wants to ensure that its service areas stay safe, functional, and energy-efficient at all times. Here’s what they do to accomplish that goal.  

  • Crafting a hurricane plan: The electric utility shares extreme weather plans to help you prepare for inclement weather. Included are what you can expect when the severe weather comes, how to report problems, and the expected recovery scenario.  
  • Investing in the local community: TNMP’s Power Grants help jumpstart community programs. The company gives up to $5,000 to deserving proposals. Examples of funded grants are grocery deliveries for homebound residents, upgrading of recycling facilities, and 3D printing for a robotics program.  
  • Establishing energy efficiency programs: Residential and commercial consumers can access energy efficiency programs from the company’s website. Such programs help with repairs and upgrades. These help to make a home or commercial establishment more energy efficient.  

Difference Between Utility Company And Energy Provider

It can be hard to differentiate between the two. More so in a deregulated energy market. That’s because the terms have sometimes been used interchangeably when they actually refer to different things.  

A utility company takes care of the facilities that bring electricity from its generation point to the consumers. These include the power lines, poles, and electric meters. Texas-New Mexico Power is an example of such a company. Electric utilities also respond to power outages. They’re the ones to call in case of power cuts occur in your area.  

Meanwhile, an energy provider generates electricity and sells it to consumers. They offer various energy plans with corresponding electricity rates. One advantage you get from deregulation is the option to choose among several retail electric providers.   

TNMP Electric Providers

Being a utility company, Texas-New Mexico Power does not sell you the electricity that powers your home. Instead, you sign up for an electricity plan with any retail electric providers covered by the TNMP service area.  

Texas-New Mexico Power services a large area of the Lone Star State. This means quite a number of power providers work with the electric utility. Here are some of them.  

4Change Energy

This company that operates within the TNMP service area might just be what you’re looking for. That’s if you want an energy provider with reasonable electricity rates and a range of plans. 4Change Energy has those and more. Being an advocate for change, it donates a portion of its profits to charity.  

Just Energy

Just Energy entered the electricity market over 20 years ago. That gave it plenty of time to learn the business. It offers a selection of conventional plans, but if you want an electricity plan that uses green energy, Just Energy has that, too.  

Green Mountain Energy

Do you want to help mitigate the impact of climate change? This energy company may just have an electricity plan for you. Green Mountain Energy offers 100% renewable energy plans from self-replenishing sources. These include solar and wind power.   

Reliant Energy

This company has been operating in Texas even before the energy market got deregulated. It is one of the state’s largest electricity providers, and it does business in the TNMP service area. Reliant Energy has a portfolio of trustworthy plans with some of the most affordable rates in Texas.  

TXU Energy

TXU Energy has a long history. It started providing electricity service way back in 1882 as Dallas Electric Company. No wonder it’s one of the trusted power companies in Texas. It does business with Texas-New Mexico Power. That means you can enroll in any of their electricity plans with competitive rates if you’re under the utility company’s service area. 

Texas New Mexico Power Utilities 

Due to deregulation, you have a choice of who to get your electricity from. With the number of retail power providers in Texas, you won’t lack options. But while you can pick your electricity provider, the same doesn’t hold for your power utility.  

The company that brings electricity to your home is called the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) or Transmission and Delivery Service Provider (TDSP). THE TDUs or TDSPs are assigned a service area, so you have no say who your utility company would be. Five electric utilities provide service to Texas’ deregulated areas depending on geographic location. To find out who your TDU is, enter your zip code on Electricrate’s website.  

Oncor Electricity

This electric utility is the largest TDSP in the Lone Star State, providing electricity to approximately 7.5 million customers. Its service area includes parts of West Texas, as well as the eastern and central sections. Oncor Electricity takes charge of distributing electric power to over 400 communities in the state.  

Texas New Mexico Power

This distribution provider started operations in 1935. Since then, it has built and maintained the facilities for delivering electricity to more than 230,000 homes and businesses across Texas. It used to provide electricity to New Mexico but has ceased doing so. Its parent company PNM Resources Inc. continues with that task.  

AEP Electricity

This distribution company is a subsidiary of American Electric Power. With its main office in Corpus Christi, AEP Electricity delivers electric power to over 900,000 home and business establishments. It is divided into AEP North and AEP Central. Thus, it represents two of the 5 electric utilities in the state.  

CenterPoint Electricity

This company was established over a century ago, in 1882. With its headquarters in Houston, Texas, it services more than 5 million customers. Like other utility companies in the area, it offers programs for customers who want to conserve energy.   

Texas New Mexico Power Customer Service

Problems with electricity service occur regularly. That’s where the utility provider’s brand of customer service comes into play. TNMP’s website will provide you with comprehensive details about everything that can affect power service in your area. That makes it easier to understand what you should expect and what to do regarding issues that affect your service.  

For non-emergency requests for service, you can communicate your concern through the website’s online contact forms. You can also access the site for other issues such as electricity theft, possible scams, problems with street lights, and the like. Be ready to provide your contact information and details about your concerns.  

TNMP Power Outage

Being left in the dark is no fun, literally and figuratively. When the lights go out, you’ll want to know why. More importantly, you’ll want to find out when you’ll get your electricity service back. To get the information you need, you can contact TNMP’s customer service number. You’ll be informed about mass outages in your area, along with the estimated repair time.  

The company also features a Power Outage Map on its website. Here the power outages are presented in real-time. The map allows you to do the following: 

  • View the areas affected by the outage and the number of customers without electric power.  
  • Know the estimated date and time of the restoration of the electric service.  
  • See road maps with satellite and 3-D Streetside views for a more in-depth assessment.  

How To Report Power Outage

Extreme weather or damage to power facilities can lead to outages. For electricity cuts in your area, don’t call your energy company. Instead, contact your utility provider, who can better address the problem.   

To report a power outage to Texas-New Mexico Power, call 1-888-866-7456. Press option number 1 when prompted.   

Safety Tips During Power Outage

Safety first. That should be your motto when your area experiences a power outage. Having a plan will increase your chances of staying safe when the lights go out. Here are some things you can do. 

  • Have an emergency kit on hand. The kit should contain the essentials you’ll need. These include water, food, flashlights, batteries, portable chargers, and nonperishable food items.  
  • Keep your fridge and freezer closed. Refrain from opening the doors as much as possible to prevent food spoilage.   
  • Protect your appliances. Unplug them from the socket to avoid possible damage from power surges.  
  • Contact your utility company to report the outage and determine when the power will be restored.  

About Texas New Mexico Power Company

Texas-New Mexico is a utility provider. It is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity to its service area. To date, the company has over 250,000 customers in different parts of Texas.  

TNMP is a subsidiary of PNM Resources Inc., an energy holding company. Its main office is in Lewisville, and it employs over 400 in about 20 communities stretching across the state.    

Power History Of TNMP

TNMP started operations in 1934. It was previously known as Community Public Service Co. It later adopted its formal name, Texas-New Mexico Power, in 1981. The company’s service area included New Mexico in the past. However, starting in 2006, TNMP became a Texas-only utility provider. Its new territories include some places in the Gulf Coast, West Texas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  

What Areas Does TNMP Cover?

Texas-New Mexico Power provides electricity service in different areas of the Lone Star State. Here’s where those regions are:

West Texas Region

  • Kermit: zip code 79745
  • Fort Stockton: zip code 79735
  • Pecos: zip code 79772

Gulf Region

  • Angleton: zip codes 77515, 77516
  • Alvin: zip codes 77511, 77512, 77583
  • Brazoria: zip code 77422
  • Clifton: zip code 76634
  • Dickinson: zip codes 58601, 58602
  • Friendswood: zip codes 77546, 77573, 77598
  • League City: zip code 77573
  • Texas City: zip codes 77590, 77510, 77539,77568, 77591

North Central Region

  • Clifton: zip code 76634
  • Glen Rose: zip code 76043
  • Lewisville: 75010, 75019, 75028, 75056, 75057,75065

Some areas are split between Centerpoint and TNMP, however. Check to determine who your electric utility is when you shop for electricity.


Is Texas Power A Monopoly?

Texas operates under a deregulated energy market. Such a scenario allows various electricity companies to compete for customers. This means that no entity holds a monopoly when it comes to electricity in the state.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Electricity Bill?

If you fail to pay your amount due, your REP will usually give you notice, giving you a specified number of days to settle your account. Upon expiration of the notice period, your power company can request your electric utility to disconnect your service.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Gas Stove During Power Outage?

Gas buildup can lead to asphyxiation or an explosion. If you use a gas stove and electric power suddenly gets restored, the electricity can cause a spark. Even a tiny spark can ignite the fumes and lead to an explosion.  


Texas-New Mexico operates in many parts of Texas. Find out more about the company if you have plans of moving, so you’ll know if your zip code falls under its service area. TNMP does business with many reputable energy companies. As such, you have a range of options to choose from. That makes it easier to find the energy plan that will help you save money.  

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