What Are The Most Reliable Electric Companies in Waco?

Waco electricity

There are many energy providers in Waco, Texas. Every electric company working here works hard to provide you with the best Waco Electricity rates and a low energy bill. These electricity companies also include renewable energy in their energy plans, as Texas has long ago realized that green energy service is the service of the future. 

Here is an overview of some Wako electricity rates, together with the electricity plan name and contract length. Notice that green energy plans are just a fraction more expensive than any other electricity plan and beware that most of these plans come with a predetermined exact usage of power. These are some of the most popular Waco electricity rates: 

Waco Electricity Rates

Here is an overview of some Wako electricity rates, together with the electricity plan name and contract length. Notice that green energy plans are just a fraction more expensive than any other electricity plan (the green premium) and beware that most of these plans come with a predetermined exact usage of power. These are some of the most popular Waco electricity rates: 

Energy Provider + Plan NameLength of Contract with the PlanPrice of Energy per kWh
Express Energy - Flash Bundled 1212 months$0.074 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Bundled 1212 months$0.075 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 2424 months$0.077 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver Select 1212 months$0.078 / kWh
4Change Energy - Maxx Saver 1212 months$0.080 / kWh
Express Energy - Flash 12 - with Auto Pay12 months$0.080 / kWh
4Change Energy - Easy Saver 1212 months$0.090 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Eagle 3636 months$0.095 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Eagle 2424 months$0.099 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Eagle 1212 months$0.101 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Green Eagle 2424 months$0.101 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Green Eagle 3636 months$0.101 / kWh
TriEagle Energy - Green Eagle 1212 months$0.102 / kWh
4Change Energy - Value Saver 1212 months$0.105 / kWh
4Change Energy - Cash Money 1212 months$0.108 / kWh
TXU Energy - Clear Deal 1212 months$0.110 / kWh
TXU Energy - Solar Value 1212 months$0.115 / kWh
Cirro Energy - Smart Value 12 Online12 months$0.116 / kWh
Constellation - 36 Month Usage Bill Credit36 months$0.119 / kWh
TXU Energy - Clear Deal 2424 months$0.119 / kWh

Waco Electric Companies

The following 7 power providers are among the most popular in Waco, Texas. These electricity rates are to be found on the electricity provider websites for the ZIP code 76107: 

4Change Energy

4Change Energy is one of many energy providers in the state that offers low electricity prices. The company also makes donations to various causes in Texas. This is the reason behind their name, as the company fights for change. 

4Change most popular plans in Waco are:

Plan NameRates
Maxx SaverBundled 12$0.075/kWh
Maxx Saver Select 24$0.076/kWh
Maxx Saver Select 12$0.077/kWh
Maxx Saver 12$0.079/kWh
Free Energy 12 $0.090/kWh

Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy offers cheap Waco electricity rates to Texas households. The company was established in 1999 and offers plenty of energy plans that include fixed and variable-rate plans, green energy and business plans. 

Constellation Energy most popular plans in Waco are:

Plan NameRates
12 Month Flat Tier Product$0.105/kWh
12 Month Usage Bill Credit$0.118/kWh
36 Month Usage Bill Credit$0.118/kWh
24 Month Usage Bill Credit$0.123/kWh
24 Month A/C Protect Premier for 2 Units$0.129/kWh

Express Energy

Express Energy boasts a great online electricity provider system that gives you a great overview of your plan and electricity rates. Your energy bill can be as low as you want with their low energy plan prices. The cancellation fee for fixed-rate plans is around $20 per month remaining. 

Express Energy most popular plans in Waco are:

Plan NameRates
Flash Bundled 12$0.074/kWh
Quick 12 - with Auto Pay$0.079/kWh
Express 12$0.125/kWh
Express Monthly$0.129/kWh
Freeway 12$0.162/kWh

TXU Energy

TXU Energy is one of the oldest electricity companies working in the area. The company has a high A+ score on the BBB rating system and is known for its amazing customer service. TXU Energy is considered the best electric company in Texas. Their online solutions are also among the most progressive in the market. 

TXU Energy most popular plans in Waco are: 

Plan NameRates
Smart Edge 12$0.109/kWh
Solar Value 12$0.115/kWh
Smart Edge 24$0.119/kWh
Flex Rewards$0.149/kWh
Smart Deal 12$0.15/kWh

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy offers energy to both residential and business consumers. They have a very good energy service and some of the lowest electricity rates in Waco. All their plans include a percent of green energy, as this electric company aims to be a green energy provider.

Cirro Energy most popular plans in Waco are:

Plan NameRates
Smart Simple 36$0.114/kWh
Smart Simple 9$0.115/kWh
Smart Value 12 Online$0.116/kWh
Smart Simple 12 $0.121/kWh
Smart Lock 24 Online$0.134/kWh

Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is one of Texas energy providers. It provides great Waco energy plans and renewable energy plans to more than a million Texas households. It also has 24/7 customer support, online stats on energy usage. 

Reliant Energy most popular plans in Waco are:

Plan NameRates
Conservation Plan 23$0.129/kWh
Power on 60$0.137/kWh
Power On 36$0.139/kWh
Power On 24$0.139/kWh
Power On 12$0.144

TriEagle Energy

TriEagle Energy was established back in 2002, soon after the energy market deregulation took place. This energy provider offers many plans based on your electricity usage. It is also one of the best electricity companies for green energy on the market. 

TriEagle Energy most popular plans in Waco are: 

Plan NameRates
Real Deal 36$0.109/kWh
Real Deal 24$0.114/kWh
Real Deal 12$0.119/kWh
Golden Eagle 36$0.128/kWh
Green Eagle$0.134/kWh

How Is Waco Electricity Generated?

Waco Electricity is generated from a variety of sources. The abundance of renewable energy plans means that the state uses a lot of renewable sources in power productions. Energy companies have installed many large-scale solar projects and windmill farms that supply a lot of energy used in the state. Unlike other energy markets in the USA, Texas has a deregulated energy market

Waco, Texas electricity generation: 

  • Natural gas – 45%, 
  • Coal – 19% 
  • Solar, wind power and other renewables – 26%, 
  • Hydroelectric – 0.4%, 
  • Nuclear – 9%, and 
  • Other <0.6%. 
waco power

Types of Waco Electricity Plans

In Waco, you can choose between the following kinds of electricity plan: 

  1. Fixed-rate plans, 
  2. Variable-rate plans
  3. No-deposit plans, 

As well as different plans based on the percentage of green energy, or the customer needs. 

Fixed-rate Plans

Any fixed-rate plan by any of the electricity providers in Waco, Texas means that you get a constant electricity rate throughout the year. The price you get is usually a little higher than with other types of plans and the contract has to be signed or a predetermined period. The contract length is usually between 12 and 60 months long. If you want to end this contract early, you usually have to pay an early termination fee or a cancellation fee. 

Variable-rate Plans

Variable-rate plans in Waco mean that you get to benefit from low prices per kilowatt-hour in times of smaller energy consumption, while you pay a higher price when the energy demand is higher. Energy rates vary depending on the time of the year and the time of the day. Always check Electricity Facts Label (EFL) before signing a contract of this kind. 

No-Deposit Plans

Pay-as-you-go and Prepaid Plans are kinds of no-deposit plans. With these plans, you should usually know your exact usage. The average electricity rate you pay with a no-deposit plan is usually higher than in other types of plans. The benefits of going for a no-deposit is that there is no credit score check and that the estimated usage can be found on your previous power bills. 

Green Electricity Plans

Always check with your energy company whether they offer green energy plans. Although with other electricity sources you may get cheaper electricity, going for a green plan means investing in the future. Green Electricity plans usually go with fixed rates. 

Business Energy Plans

Business energy plans are also offered by Waco energy companies. Waco electricity providers and business owners also enjoy the benefits of a deregulated energy market. Direct energy supply can be done with green energy or energy with reduced prices to better reflect your business goals and branding. 

Factors That Affects Electricity Rates

There are many factors that determine your Texas electricity rates. Most of these are seasonal in nature. 


The price of fuels used to make electricity influences the price of electricity as well. In coal, petroleum, and natural gas power plants, the fuels are burned to start the turbines and make electricity. With fuel price fluctuations, every variable energy plan is subject to price fluctuations as well. 

Power Plant Prices

Power plant prices are also a big contributor to the price of electricity. Power plants have to be built, managed, and maintained and the cost of these expenses is reflected on your power bill. Not performing maintenance and operations properly makes the grid more vulnerable to power outages. 

Transmission and Distribution Area System

The transmission and distribution area system also adds to the price of the electricity. Various electricity providers rely on Waco utility companies to keep the network up and running. It is not just energy you pay for, it is also the price of the maintenance through your electric bill. 

Area Regulations

Depending on your area regulations, your state may control a part of the entire cost of electricity in your area. In some states, the government controls both the costs of utility companies, as well as the price of electricity per kilowatt. In Texas, the energy market is deregulated, which means that the energy rates are dictated by the energy market. 

Weather Conditions

In the case of both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, the price of electricity is dictated by weather conditions. Solar does not work when it is a cloudy day, so the prices of solar electricity skyrocket. Also, wind turbines do not always spin. Likewise, very cold or hot temperatures cause a surge in prices of electricity as demand rises as well. 

How Does Deregulation Affects Energy Usage In Waco?

Texas has had a deregulated energy market since 2002. This means that all Waco households can enjoy a low price on any energy plan. However, the entire Texas grid is vulnerable to power outages. Although rare, they can be very uncomfortable events. 

How To Change Your Electricity Provider?

If you want to switch providers in Waco, Texas you can find the information necessary on your power bill. Also, visiting electricrate.com and looking for the best energy company, and contacting them is usually enough. They deal with the paperwork and switch your contract within days. 

Waco Power Outage: Who to Call?

In the unlikely event that you run out of power in Waco, Texas make sure to contact Oncor, the utility company maintaining the power lines in the area. You can contact them via: 

Your energy providers are not in charge of maintaining the power lines. They are there to communicate between you, the utilities, ERCOT, and power generators. 

About Waco

best of waco

Waco is the county seat of McLennan County in Texas. The city itself has over 120,000 inhabitants, although the wider metro area has a total population of over 270,000 people. It spreads over 101 sq miles and has some of the best conditions for renewable energy generation in the entire USA. 

Waco has a humid subtropical climate, with very few extremely cold days. The skies are clear for most of the year, so the area experiences 230 sunny days a year. The conditions are perfect for solar panels in Texas, much like solar panels in Florida.

The birthplace of Dr Pepper, Waco is also home to one of the most important paleontological sites in the world. It is also where the majority of Snickers Bars are made. There is a lot of history to this city in Texas. 

Popular ZIP Codes

As more people move to Texas, it is important to note that not all Waco neighborhoods are made equal. Many jobs in the renewables sector and the state’s bold progression to a zero-carbon economy have led many to relocate and use the best that Waco and Waco energy plans have to offer. These are the most popular neighborhoods in Waco to move to: 

PlaceZip Code
Austin Avenue76710
Brookview Neighborhood76707
West Waco76708
Brook Oaks76707 - 76708

Living and Moving to Waco

Did you know that an average Texas resident pays 30% less for their electricity service than the US national average? Energy costs in the state are very low thanks to the deregulated energy market. When choosing your next electric company in Waco, TX, make sure to compare electricity rates among multiple energy providers for the lowest energy bill. 


All utilities in Waco are around 3% cheaper than in the rest of the USA. With a median household income of around $167,000 per year, the costs of housing are also cheaper, In part, this is because there is a lot of lands that can be built on in Waco, so the low price of land translated to low housing. 


At $0.1014/kWh of electricity, energy providers in Texas charge 7.50% lower energy prices than in the rest of Texas. Texas already has some of the most affordable energy plans, so contacting several energy providers will ensure you get the cheapest electricity rates. 


Gas prices in Waco are among the lowest in the state as well. You can expect to pay between $2.78 and $2.85 per gallon of gas. With the country average of around $3.41, the math is clear: you can save up to 18% on your gas purchase. 


Water prices in Waco are low as well. An average family of four, using 100 gallons of water per person per day can expect to pay $45 per month for water. Compare that to $72 in West Virginia and $69 in Connecticut. 

Recycling Pickup

Waco Recycling Pickup is done by the City of Waco Solid Waste Services and follows day and week-based schedule for your: 

  • Yard or brush waste, 
  • Recycling, 
  • Alternate trash pick-up, and 
  • Hazardous Waste pickup. 


Who Supplies Power to Waco?

Power to Waco is supplied by Oncor. Oncor brings power to over 10 million residences and businesses in the part of the grid that is controlled by them. The power delivered to you through your electric plans is distributed by Oncor directly.

What Is The Cost of Living in Waco?

The average cost of living in Waco is 9% lower than in the rest of Texas, which is already much cheaper than the rest of the country. Good recycling services, low electricity monthly bills, and great electric plans all make Waco residents get the most for their dime.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Waco?

Express Energy and 4Change Energy currently have the lowest energy prices in Waco, Texas. Their electric plan pricing starts at as little as $0.065/kWh in the best energy plan we could find. 

What is a good rate per kWh in Waco?

Waco can boast a low price per kilowatt-hour of energy used. The average price a Waco household pays is $0.1014 per kilowatt-hour, so any price below this is a good rate per kWh in Waco.


There are many power companies in Waco that compete to provide you with an affordable energy plan that will meet your needs. Based on your ZIP code, you can choose from dozens of energy providers to make sure your household always pays the lowest energy price. You can choose your electricity provider based on your energy usage, the times it is used and based on your personal preference: green energy plan or any other type that suits your needs. 

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