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TriEagle Energy

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Deregulation of the Texas retail energy industry has brought about a lot of competition to supply Texas homes with reliable power. One such company is TriEagle Energy – a Texas-native energy supplier, that is prepared to win over customers in three states with convenient energy offers and plenty of extras along the way.

Residential Energy Plans

All rates are based on the average monthly consumption of 2000 kilowatt-hours).


Commercial Energy Plans

Since the energy needs of commercial customers can be more complex and depend largely on the company specifics, such as size; TriEagle Energy will ask you a couple of questions, before signing up. After that, a friendly TriEagle Energy Account Manager will contact you to discuss your energy options and provide you with a quote.



About TriEagle Energy

A true Texas local since 2002 and a recent addition to the Vistra Energy family (2019), TriEagle Energy is an expert retail energy supplier for Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It is a popular choice for business and residential customers, because of its simple, competitive, no-hidden-fees energy plans, innovative products focused on smart home management, and attentive customer service.

Customers in all three states can get in touch with TriEagle Energy Customer Service team, either by phone at 888-893-6737 or by email at [email protected].

Paying your TriEagle bill is also easy. You can either:

  • Pay online anytime in your online customer account
  • Pay by phone: 888-893-6737
  • Send a check to TriEagle Energy PO Box 974655 Dallas, TX 75397-4655
  • Enroll in auto-pay and have one less thing to remember each month

Why Choose TriEagle Energy

TriEagle approaches customers on two winning fronts – reliability and convenience. Their electricity plans tailor to diverse energy needs, but they aren’t the only advantage of signing up. Others include:

trieagle energy promo codeWeekly Usage Reports- TriEagle offers customers a complimentary daily or weekly analysis of their electricity usage to help them manage their energy and their household budget more effectively.
electricity trieagleTriEagle PrimeTime- This is a voluntary program for Texans with smart meters to earn credit by reducing their energy consumption during critical power events, for example by unplugging devices currently not in use, turning off the air-conditioning or refraining from using the dishwasher.
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Referral program - Customers who successfully refer a friend to TriEagle Energy can earn up to $75 in rewards, redeemable for either energy efficiency products, a prepaid Visa card or a dining and entertainment gift card.

free nest thermostat txuSmart energy plans- TriEagle worries about the environment and about your budget. That's why they offer fixed energy plans, that include an Ecobee smart thermostat that is automatically optimized based on real-time weather data. To top it off, you’ll also get a free weekly Energy Scorecard with actionable tips to preserve energy.

Shop TriEagle Energy Electricity Rates

TriEagle Energy lets its customers select an electricity plan directly on the website, by simply entering their zip code. For example, consumers living in a busy Howard County, Texas zip code 79720 can enjoy any of the below energy offers:

TriEagle Energy Customer Reviews

Consumers in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have got a lot to be happy about and TriEagle Energy publishes a lot of positive reviews on its website. However, to get a true picture of customer satisfaction, you should look for unbiased websites that are not affiliated with the company. You can consult a non-profit market analyst Better Business Bureau (BBB), which accredits energy providers. TriEagle Energy has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

TriEagle Energy Service Areas

As can be deciphered from its name, TriEagle Energy serves customers in three US states:

Residents living in either of these states can search for TriEagle electricity rates directly on the energy supplier’s website. If you don’t happen to live in one of the above areas, don’t worry! You can still shop for competitive energy rates by entering your zip code on our website to see what the other energy suppliers have on offer in your residential area.


Below are answers to some of the burning questions you might have about TriEagle Energy:

How do I sign up with TriEagle Energy?

Residential customers can sign up online, directly on the TriEagle website. Alternatively, you can get help from the Customer Care Center at 281-681-2381. Commercial customers can enroll by requesting a quote for their specific energy needs.

Will I have to pay a deposit?

TriEagle Energy will perform a credit check, which will determine a deposit amount if any. You will find out if you need to pay the deposit by TriEagle Energy, prior to signing up.

When will I get my first TriEagle electricity bill?

A standard switch takes place in 1-7 business days, following the agreement. You should see TriEagle Energy listed on your electricity bill in the following monthly billing cycle.

With straight-forward electricity plans, no hidden fees, 100% green energy options, smart energy products, and other customer benefits, TriEagle is a popular choice for customers in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Residents of the served areas have plenty to choose from and can sign up easily through the supplier’s website. However, before you commit to a plan, we recommend that you shop around your area first. You never know, you might find an even better rate, right around the corner.

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