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Prepaid Energy: Connecting Your Power Within a Day

prepaid lights same day service

We all live busy lives. Our daily routine is stuffed with trivial and less-trivial jobs and matters that we do daily. So many of those, without saying, depend on having a good and reliable electricity service. And when there is no electricity, problems arise such as: no cooking, no warm water, no heating, no cooling. You name it and it runs on electricity

When you switch your electricity service provider or apartments, getting same-day service is of paramount importance for a normal daily life. As any electric company will tell you, the number of same-day power requests they receive is really high, so almost every utility company offers this service. A couple of prerequisites exist for you to get your same-day electricity connection: a smart meter and an application. 

How Does a Same Day Electricity Service Works?

Your local utility can set up your same-day service in a matter of hours. For as long as you have a smart meter and have opted for prepaid electricity, you can get electricity on the day you move in. In the case that your new house or apartment has no smart meter, your electricity provider can send a technician to either turn on the power today or install a new meter for you. 

Moving into a House

When moving into a house, you can get same-day electricity under two circumstances: 

  • You’ve called your energy provider beforehand, to announce the date you would be moving in or, 
  • You’ve called your service provider early on the day of you moving in. 

In both cases, you should get the electricity on the same day. 

Moving into an Apartment

When moving into an apartment, pay attention that the property owner/manager will have power for the display of the house. Once you move in, their contract with the energy company ends and you have to sign your own contract. To do this, as all new customers do, you should: 

  • Find the energy plan that works for you, and 
  • Enroll by contacting your utility. 

Prepaid Electricity Requirements 

There are no specific prerequisites for getting your prepaid electricity energy plan. You should estimate your energy usage, choose the best energy rates online, and simply enroll for a plan and energy provider that works in your ZIP code area. Prepaid electricity plans usually do not have a credit check or a hefty deposit. 

How Does it Work?

Prepaid electricity works in the following way: 

  • You prepay the electricity you want to use (you should know your average electricity usage) with your light company, 
  • You get a form of a digital voucher that allows you to use the prepaid electricity, 
  • You get notified when your electricity credit is running low, 
  • You top off your credit (or voucher) usually by an electronic transaction, 
  • You keep using your electricity and enjoying your low electric rate. 

Fixed-Rate Plans

In the case that you do not opt for prepaid plans, you can always go for a fixed rate or a variable rate plan. All these options are available throughout the USA. If you live in one of Texas cities, for example, you can get your electricity turned on the same day by choosing one of these plans. 

Fixed-rate plans are available to all new customers. Usually, your company will do a credit check and you may have a deposit required from you. To do the credit check, they will require your social security number and an ID. Going for fixed-rate energy will enable you to always have price security, regardless of any environmental factors that may interfere with others’ electricity plans’ rates. 

Low Deposit Plans

In most cases, you have to pay a deposit to get your electricity in Texas. In the case of variable-rate plans and pay as you go or prepaid power, you may not need to pay a deposit. In other cases, you can ensure a low deposit if you have a good credit score or if you sign a longer contract. 

It is important to choose smart since many customers pay high deposits, sometimes as high as their first month’s rent. You do get your deposit back at the end of the contract with your light company. 

Am I Qualified for the Same Day Electricity?

You can enroll online to get same-day power in your area. Any new customers need an ID document, social security number, ZIP code, and smart meters. If you have all of these, you can contact your utility online or by phone, you pay the deposit or the processing fee and you get your energy if you and your electricity meter are qualified. 

Advantages of Same Day Electricity

Applying your electricity and getting it on the same date has multiple benefits for you: 

  • No AC interruptions, 
  • No days with no heating, 
  • You can continue your work, especially if you work from home, 
  • You have lights and energy for all your appliances with virtually no interruption. 

Texas Electric Companies with Same Day Electricity

Electricity in Texas can be yours just hours after application. Your apartment complex or house can enjoy many benefits of renewable and non-renewable energy if you apply through one of the following companies, depending on your ZIP code: 

  1. 4Change Energy
  2. Champion Energy
  3. Cirro Energy
  4. Direct Energy
  5. Discount Power
  6. First Choice Power
  7. Frontier Utilities
  8. Gexa Energy
  9. Green Mountain Energy
  10. Payless Power
  11. Pulse Power
  12. Reliant
  13. New Power Texas
  14. TXU Energy
  15. Veteran Energy

You can call by phone or enroll online for one of the packages. For those who do not want to make a large deposit, pay-as-you-go energy plans are the best option. Pay as you go usually involves only the processing fee (usually around $30.00) and no deposit. 

Tips on Choosing an Energy Company in Texas

When choosing a light company in Texas, you should consider the following: 

  • Your average energy usage
  • The light company (or more of them) servicing your area
  • Rewards and free energy your company offers. Your electric company may charge only for day power. Some of them offer lower or null electricity rates during nights and weekends
  • Deposit required by the lights company 
  • Term length
  • Plan type (fixed, variable, prepaid, renewable energy plans, etc.)
  • Compare Texas electricity rates on


How do you load prepaid electricity?

When loading your prepaid electricity, you should first make the payment. Then, you will receive an email or an SMS with a 20 digit code. You should type in the code in your meter, press OK, and voila! Your lights are on!

How long does it take to install electrical in a new house?

Getting electricity in your house can be done in as little as 45-60 minutes. An electrician working with your provider will come to your house, install the meter and turn the service on. 

What happens when prepaid electricity runs out?

When your prepaid electricity runs out, you should top off your credit and the lights reconnect automatically. In some cases, you will receive a new code that you should punch in into your electricity meter. 

Can I set up gas and electricity before I move in?

You should start setting up your gas and electricity connections around 3 weeks before moving in. To do so, contact your utility and see how much time they need to connect you to the grid. Depending on your area and the time of the year, it can take a few days to secure the permits and send the workers to your new address. 


Energy is a necessity. Be it to power the lights and appliances, to do your laundry, or charge your newest electric vehicle, life without lights and gas is unimaginable. Make sure you never run out of lights by applying early and securing a good power plan that will satisfy the needs of you and your family the right way. Texas electricity is cheap and pricing transparent, so you can be sure there are no hidden costs to getting power in your new Texas home. 

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