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Penstar Power

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About Penstar Power

Founded in 2010, Penstar Power has been operating in Texas deregulated energy market for over ten years, but its mission has remained the same – to provide Texas households with the same day, reliable energy service, at an affordable price. The energy company’s hallmark offering is its prepaid electricity plans, that allows Texans to secure electricity service with no cancellation fees and no credit check needed.

Additionally, Penstar Power also offers short-term electricity fixed rates with price stability,  month-to-month variable plans, and free-weekend electricity service, where the energy you use between Friday and Monday comes with a zero price tag.

To enquire about signing up for a plan, you can contact the power company’s customer service by:

Why Choose Penstar Power

If you are considering making the switch to a Penstar Power plan, below is an overview of the additional benefits:

penstar-power-reviewsSame day connection - You don't have to wait for days before you can start using electricity in your home. Penstar Power offers same day service, which means that when you sign up, you will be connected immidiately.

Prepaid electricity - Prepaid electricity plans give you the option to manage your energy usage on an ongoing basis, topping it off as you use it. The main benefit of prepaid electricity plans is that they don't require security deposits or credit checks. However, you have to be careful not to draw your account balance to zero, otherwise you may be discontinued.

penstar-power-online-paymentFree electricity on weekends - When you sign up for this plan, you won't pay a penny for the electricity you consume during the weekend. All you need to do is to deposit $50 into your account and manage your account on a month-by-month basis.

Compare Penstar Power Electricity Rates

If you find the convenience and flexibility that Penstar Power offers appealing, you may think that you found your electric supplier of choice. In that case, you can sign up for an electric plan directly on the company website by entering your zip code. However, you may also want to take your time before you make the switch.

When it comes to affordable plans and rates, Penstar Power certainly isn’t the only option for residential and business customers in Texas. It is always good to look around at what other suppliers have to offer before you pick one. We compare all major retail providers in the deregulated energy markets and aggregate information about their rates, plan options, customer service, and additional perks. Just enter your zip code to compare available electric rates in your area.

Energy Tariff Types

Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. An energy supplier, like Penstar Power, may offer many different energy plans and you should be familiar with each option’s pros and cons. However, navigating through complex unfamiliar information about power rates can be daunting, so we did the heavy lifting for you. Below is a brief overview of the most commonly offered energy products:

third party energy suppliersFixed Term Plans - This plan will lock the price you pay per kWh for the duration of the contract, no matter how much the wholesale electricity price varies. These plans are most often the cheaper option, but usually  carry cancellation fees, if you decide to exit the contract early.
best electricity supplier in my areaVariable Rate Plans - There is no locked in rate and the price you pay for a unit of electricity might be cheaper one month and more expensive the next month. The plus side is that there is no commitment to stick to it for a fixed period and you can switch anytime.
electric utility by zip codeGreen / renewable plans - If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, many electric suppliers offer you the choice of an energy plan, sourced entirely or partially from renewable energy, such as wind or solar. These plans can have either variable- or a fixed rate form.
alternative electric suppliersPrepaid plans - This plan lets you pre-purchase power for your home at a set price, like a prepaid cell phone. This isn’t for the forgetful ones - if you don’t remember to top up your plan, you might find yourself without electricity half-way through a hot shower.

Penstar Power Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be very misleading. Customers, who take the time to leave a review are often motivated either by a particularly negative, one-off experience with their energy provider or somehow incentivized to write a positive, and not always truthful review. That is not to say that all online reviews are untrue, but a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted when scrolling through a website with a streak of five-star reviews.

However, there are a couple of relatively unbiased institutions that seek to improve trust between Texans and businesses – a non-profit market analyst Better Business Bureau and the regulatory institution Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Penstar Power Service Areas

Penstar Power rates are available exclusively to residential customers in Texas. If you currently live in another state and you are unable to switch to Penstar Power, don’t despair.

As many as 18 U.S. states have deregulated their energy markets and you can easily find cheap electric rates and plans of other suppliers, by entering your zip code on our website.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Penstar Power:

What is Penstar Power?

Penstar Power is one of the electric suppliers, competing in the deregulated Texas energy market. The company differentiates itself from the competition by offering no waiting, no cancellation fees, and no-deposit rates on a prepaid basis.

Where can I pay my Penstar power bill?

To pay for the electric plan, the company gives customers multiple options:

  • Pay online in your customer account
  • Pay by phone on 1-800-687-5700, using an automated 24/7 service
  • Send a check to Penstar Power, 3000 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Where do I report a power outage?

When you purchase competitive electric rates, Penstar Power will be responsible for the price you pay for the rate, but the ultimate responsibility to deliver the energy safely to your door still lies with your state utility company. As a result, if you are experiencing a power outage, you should contact your local Transmission and Distribution provider directly.

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