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Eversource Energy [Data & Facts]

eversource generation rates

Eversource is the biggest electric supplier in Connecticut. With affordable supply rates and green generation service, both residential customers and business customers can enjoy low rates and a low electric bill. If you haven’t browsed new supply rates in a while, maybe it is time to reconsider who you purchase electricity from, as Eversource electric supplier has a great standard service and low early termination fees. 

Does Eversource Has A Third-party Supplier?

The power that Eversource supplies come from the New England power grid. This grid, one of many in the US, receives energy from a number of power plants and delivers it to both business customers and residential customers. To ensure a reliable service for their customers, Eversource purchases energy from generation service companies and then resells it to consumers. Standard service rates apply both when the electricity is supplied from Eversource generation service and from third-party suppliers. 

However, as Eversource is both a utility company and an energy provider or supplier, there are a number of companies that serve customers using the Eversource part of the New England grid. These licensed suppliers have their own supply rates and supply energy to both commercial and residential customers. A portion of your bill will still be going to Eversource, as they maintain the grid and ensure the standard service is available at all times. 

Their services may be a bit different from the standard service offered by Eversource, so make sure you use Electricrate to check the supply rates applicable in your ZIP code area. If you are a business customer, ensure you contact your chosen supplier by phone to ensure you get the best deal. Business customers often get customized rates, different from the standard service rates. 

Comparing Eversource Supplier Rates

Eversource is both a utility company and an electric supplier. It goes without saying that the supply rates Eversource residential and business customers pay are lower than most supply rates offered in many other states. If you choose not to change your supplier and stay with Eversource, you can enjoy the low rates offered as their Standard Service Rates. Let’s read on to learn more. 

Residential Rates 

As you have the power to choose, Eversource ensures that customers stay with them. Eversource offers very competitive rates called standard service rates. Residential customers who decide to stay can enjoy these low rates that change twice a year – on January 1st and July 1st. Both standard service cycles are exactly six months long. Residential customers can expect to pay less for electricity during the latter part of the year (July 1st to December 31st). 

Rate TypeJuly 1st - December 31st 2021, $/kWhJanuary 1st - June 30th 2022, $/kWh
Rate 1$0.07003 / kWh$0.11484 / kWh
Rate 5$0.07003 / kWh$0.11484 / kWh
Rate 7 Peak Rates$0.09557 / kWh$0.14115 / kWh
Rate 7 Off-Peak Rates$0.06057 / kWh$0.10615 / kWh
Rate 30$0.06918 / kWh$0.10627 / kWh
Rate 35$0.06918 / kWh$0.10627 / kWh

Commercial Rates

Large and small business customers can also enjoy low electric rates for their business space. Eversource, as a supplier, takes care that your electricity bill is not too high and that the price you pay is close to the wholesale market price. Whether you live in Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts, you can purchase non-residential power at the following rates: 

Rate TypeJuly 1st - December 31st 2021, $/kWhJanuary 1st - June 30th 2022, $/kWh
Rate 27 Peak Rates$0.08907 / kWh$0.12674 / kWh
Rate 27 Off-Peak Rates$0.05907 / kWh$0.09674 / kWh
Rate 41 Peak Rates$0.08995 / kWh$0.12712 / kWh
Rate 41 Off-Peak Rates$0.05995 / kWh$0.09712 / kWh
Rate 30$0.06918 / kWh$0.10627 / kWh
Rate 35$0.06918 / kWh$0.10627 / kWh

Top Electricity Rates in Eversource

Residential customers living in Connecticut, one of the three states Eversource services, can make their energy choice even outside the standard service offered by Eversource. Public Power and Direct Energy also supply energy in the Eversourcce service area, and customers living in this area can choose their plan type, contract term, as well as their preferred supplier. Here are some Connecticut residential electricity rates offered in New Haven (ZIP code: 06501): 

Electric SupplierContract Term Electricity Rate per kWh
Public Power 6 Months$0.1089
Public Power 5 Months$0.1099
Public Power 7 Months$0.1149
Public Power 36 Months$0.1229
Public Power 24 Months$0.1289
Public Power 12 Months$0.1369
Direct Energy 18 Months$0.1549
Direct Energy 12 Months$0.1809

What is the Standard Service Offer Rate? 

The Standard Service Offer Rate is a standard rate offered to business and residential customers in the Eversource service area. All power consumers who decide to stay with Eversource can enjoy the low standard service rate. Even if you opt to stay with Eversource and get the standard service rate, you can still choose between different rates, depending on the region and whether you need power for home or business. 

Facts You Should Know When Switching Electric Suppliers

There are several things that you should know when switching your electric supplier. As Eversource works in a deregulated energy market, its standard service is not the only option. You may choose, at any moment, to request service from another electric supplier. Furthermore, you should know that you do not have to opt out of the Eversource service. 

Quite on the contrary: if you prefer their service, you can stay with them. Here are things to know before switching your electric supplier: 

  1. Eversource and UI have to offer Standard Service to all customers who do not opt for another licensed supplier, 
  2. You do not have to make a switch of any kind – even when moving into your new home, you can choose the same energy supplier that has installed your meter – Eversource, 
  3. Residential customers can expect their supplier to make the connection and establish a Standard Service Rate and a reliable electric service no later than 72 hours after the request has been made,
  4. Your energy supplier can only offer a fixed-rate supply option. Fixed-rate energy plans help you better understand the cost of your electricity and allow you more control over your bill
  5. Residential cancellation fees are capped off at $50 – no supplier offering electric service in this area can charge more, 
  6. You will be notified about any changes to the energy rates before your current electric rate cycle ends. 

Things You Should Ask For a Potential Supplier

Whether you are choosing an energy supplier for a new home or are considering a switch from your existing provider, there are some things that you should know and consider before making the final choice. Before you even venture into endless phone calls, consider checking out peak and off-peak electric rates on Once you have a few electricity suppliers on your mind, here are some questions you may want to ask them: 

  1. How does the pricing work? – CT does not allow variable-rate plans, but even a fixed-rate plan may come with some hidden expenses – make sure you know what you are paying for, 
  2. What payment options are there? – Delayed payments, fixed monthly payments (average charge), split payments as well the cancellation fees and service fees all make up your power bill and your ability to pay it in time, 
  3. How long is the contract? 
  4. What is the minimum required energy usage? How does the rate change if the minimum is not met (such as when you are on holiday), 
  5. Is there a switching charge? On behalf of the  old provider, you may have to pay a fixed early cancellation fee. The state of Connecticut limits this charge to $50.
  6. What verification methods are available, and which numbers will you be contacted from? – this is very useful, especially in the era of cyber security issues, and 
  7. Is there an app that is available? Does the app support usage trace in real-time? How about mobile payments? Does it allow you to learn more about energy plans and ways to save? 
  8. Will you be given a free home energy audit? What other assistance does the company offer to help you save on your energy usage and energy bill? 

Things You Should Avoid

Looking for the next power supplier can be a bit of a hassle. However tired you may be, you should always be systematic about your search. This way, you can avoid many common problems that new subscribers to electricity service encounter. Here are the things you should avoid when looking for your next energy plan: 

  1. Energy plans with pricing that is too high but promises a lot of freebies – these are barely ever worth it, 
  2. Energy plans with an electricity rate that is too low – these usually come with hidden expenses and fees that can sometimes double your energy bill – always opt for a lower price bracket of moderately priced plans – they offer the most security, 
  3. Energy plans that offer a ton of freebies – freebies cost and should not be given away lightly. These plans usually charge more than their display price says, 
  4. Any suspicious emails or calls promising low rates – you will almost never be contacted first by any electricity supplier. There is an exception for business owners here. 

All About Eversource

Eversource is both a utility company and an electricity provider. This means that you can get a single company to pay your electric bill and to call when there is a power outage. If you would like to start purchasing electricity from Eversource, here are a few things to reflect upon before making your decision: 


Eversource was established in 2012. At first, the company was called Northeast Utilities, but in 2015, the company was renamed Eversource Energy. It is a publicly-traded utility company (NYSE: ES). A total of 5 companies joined their forces to make Eversource happen: 

  1. Connecticut Light & Power, 
  2. Public Service of New Hampshire, 
  3. Western Massachusetts Electric, 
  4. Yankee Gas, and 
  5. NSTAR Electric & Gas. 

Service Areas

Eversource’s service area covers customers in portions of three states: Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Eversource covers almost the entire state of Connecticut with their combined electric and gas service. The same goes for around 50% of the Massachusetts state, while New Hampshire only has Eversource standard service of electricity. Customers in all three states can enjoy reliable service with few to no outages and the ability to switch their suppliers if they find a better offer. 

Awards & Recognition

The Eversource standard service is anything but standard. Eversource has an electricity and gas supplier that has gone above and beyond to ensure that home or business customers have a stable and reliable electricity service. The company also takes good care of the customers even beyond the meter: their energy efficiency solutions have been awarded several times. So far, this company has been awarded several times: 

  1. Top-ranked green utility company – Newsweek has awarded the company twice for the same title, 
  2. The best company to work for in America – Business Insider, 
  3. Energy Star Partner of the Year Award – awarded by EPA, and 
  4. Emergency Recovery Awards – several awards given by the Edison Electric Institute. 

Company Highlights

One of the best characteristics of Eversource is its attention to detail and ability for long-term planning. Any revenue that is generated and not spent generally goes to modernize the remaining parts of the grid. This way, the grid is very reliable and stable, even during winter storms and peak consumption. Significant savings can be made thanks to their investments in automation and remote control. 

In case of a need, their electricians can show up at your place and resolve any issue you have, usually within a few hours. Here are things that Eversource does to prevent any future service interruptions and blackouts: 

  • Financial assistance programs – for those who experience financial hardship, 
  • Real-time outage tracking – automatic and available online, 
  • Equipment inspection – regular equipment inspection, as well as aerial inspection of the grid, ensure that the grid is well-weatherized and can withstand peak demand, 
  • Improving infrastructure – all poles and wires that are less than ideal are being replaced. This means removing old poles and replacing copper wires, irrelevant of the service address. 


Is Switching Electric Suppliers Worth It?

Yes, switching electric suppliers is worth it. By using Electricrate to find the best deals in your service territory, you can ensure you save money by lowering your electric bill. However, if you would like to switch suppliers because of frequent blackouts and other problems with the power grid, switching suppliers will not help, as your electric utility maintains the grid, and this company cannot be changed. 

Where does Eversource get its power?

In recent decades, Eversource, a competitive supplier in Connecticut, has switched its source of power. The power Eversource used to get came from coal. Nowadays, electricity comes primarily from natural gas, hydroelectric, solar power, and wind. This is Connecticut’s largest electricity supplier. Considering its green efforts, it is here to stay. 

How much does Eversource charge per kWh in NH?

Eversource has some of the most affordable electric rates per kWh in NH. The current Rate R electric rate is $0.10669 per kWh. This means that Eversource customers can save money as they spend electricity as the rate is lower than the NH average of $0.2101 per kWh. Bear in mind that the Eversource electric rates change twice a year: on January 1st and July 1st. 

When do Eversource bills come?

Your Eversource bill comes every month. As the meter reading is done, you will get your bill in the mail a few days later. Please bear in mind the due date stated on your bill as any late payments may increase your next month’s electric bill. To learn more about how Eversource staff serve customers and to find out more about your electric bill, follow this link


If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, you may want to reconsider your electricity suppliers. Eversource and its affordable standard service rate make sure that every business and every residential customer can enjoy a reliable electric supply and virtually no outages. This is the biggest retail supplier in Connecticut, so if you would like to accumulate your savings and purchase an affordable energy plan, this is the right company to go to.

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