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Atlantic City Electric

atlantic city electric service areaMost of the time we don’t get to choose who supplies electricity to our home or business. That is why it’s important to know about who does. Today I’m going to tell you a bit about Atlantic City Electric. We’ll go over their rates, who they are, and a little bit about their customer service information.

If you’re living in the southern New Jersey area, Atlantic City Electric is likely who is providing you power. Let’s learn a bit more about who exactly Atlantic City Electric is and what they have to offer customers.

About Atlantic City Electric


atlantic city electricAtlantic City Electric has been in business for nearly 100 years and was founded in 1924. This shows that they bring quality customer service and are well-versed when it comes to electricity. They have a history of donating to charity and providing competitive rates to their customers. They also provide jobs to over 1,000 trained employees that know all about electricity and energy. 

Operating States

Atlantic City Electric services southern New Jersey, meanwhile the parent company services Washington D.C. and Delaware. 

Areas Serviced

Atlantic City Electric is a company that provides electricity to over half a million people in southern New Jersey. New Jersey is a smaller state, but they have over 2,700 square miles of service area. 

Atlantic City Electric services the following counties:

  • Atlantic
  • Burlington
  • Camden
  • Cape May
  • Cumberland
  • Gloucester
  • Ocean
  • Salem


Corporate Correspondence 

Atlantic City Electric 

P.O. Box 17006 

Wilmington, DE 19850-7006

Phone Number

Non-emergency line: 1-800-642-3780

Emergency line: 1-800-833-7476

Atlantic City Electric Rates

The above table represents the pricing per kWh during the specified period.

the truth about electricity deregulationIf you’re needing to find information about Atlantic City Electric rates and tariffs, you can use Price to Compare, or PTC, as you can see from the table above. A tariff is a pricing structure that electric companies use to charge customers. The structure is made up of two different charges: a supply charge and a rates charge. There is a different structure for customers who use solar energy. 

Atlantic Electric offers both residential and business services. The rate schedule can vary from a personal home to business quite a bit. Your energy bill is based on two things: supply and delivery rates. We understand it can be difficult to understand your bill, so let’s talk a bit more about each of those in detail.

Supply Rate

When you hear supply rate, that is referring to the generation of electricity. If you don’t already have an energy supplier, you will be charged the same amount as what Atlantic City Electric buys electricity for its customers. 

Delivery Rate

The delivery rate is something you get charged that covers the cost of getting the actual electricity to your home or company. This can include things like power lines, meters, customer service representatives, and more. 

How Rates Are Determined 

Uniquely, Atlantic City Electric reviews its rates and schedules twice a year during the summer and winter. This is done to make sure you’re getting the best rate possible.

Atlantic City Electric Customer Service Information

Pay Bill

Atlantic City Electric bill pay is available online for your convenience. Or sending in your payment to the address below: 

Corporate Correspondence 

Atlantic City Electric 

P.O. Box 17006 

Wilmington, DE 19850-7006

Report An Outage

Their emergency contact number is 1-800-833-7476. You can also reach them online and fill out a form if you’re experiencing issues.

Outage Map

The first thing I want to mention is that if you see any power lines that are down, leave the area immediately for your own safety. If you’re every concerned or curious about outages, you can find the outage map on their website.

Customer Service Number

Thankfully, Atlantic City Electric has customer service available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week

For non-emergency calls, you can reach Atlantic City Electric customer service at 1-800-642-3780​​. They have representatives available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you’re needing to call prior to digging in your yard or around your business, you can simply dial 811.


Who owns Atlantic City Electric?

This company is owned by Pepco Holdings, a parent company of Pepco. Pepco Holdings has a subsidiary called Exelon, which is run by President and CEO, Dave Velazquez. Pepco is a company that serves areas around Washington D.C. and Maryland. 

How much does Atlantic City Electric charge per kWh?

This will depend on your location and whether or not you have a residential plan or a commercial plan. Please look at the rate table above for average rates. 


Atlantic City Electric is a great company that offers competitive rates for both residential areas and businesses. They service the southern New Jersey area and have amazing customer support available in many forms. Whether you’re moving to New Jersey or opening a business, you may want to consider getting your energy from Atlantic City Electric.

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