PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities is one of the most popular electric utility companies in the United States. They help provide power to over 10 million customers, including both businesses and residents. PPL Electric has 100 years of experience bringing electricity to central and eastern Pennsylvania. 

In this guide, you will read about the different plans available, the length of the plans, how much they cost, the customer service provided, and more. Let’s start out by talking a little about the company’s history. 

PPL Electric Utilities Electric Rates

Services Offered

PPL Electric Utilities offers your basic electric company services. You pay your bill, they supply the power. They will also reward you for energy efficiency, and there are rebates to help you save on your electric bill

For contractors, PPL Electric Utilities has a contractor services tool that allows you to submit work orders. In addition, you can sign up online to apply for street lights and other pole attachments. Lastly, they offer a detailed list of rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations. 

Residential Electric Rates

Below is a comparison chart of current PPL Electric Utility residential plans, the rate for each plan, and the length of the plan. 

PPL Electric

10.04¢ Price to Compare

Through November 30, 2024

Provider Plan Term Rate Savings  
Tomorrow Energy
9 months
9.49¢ / kWh

Save 6%

Tomorrow Energy
12 months
9.49¢ / kWh

Save 6%

Direct Energy
6 months
9.99¢ / kWh

Save 1%

Direct Energy
12 months
10.09¢ / kWh
Energy Harbor
12 months
10.19¢ / kWh

Commercial Electric Rates

About PPL Electric Utilities


pennsylvania electric suppliers list100 years ago, the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company came to fruition. It was eight electric companies in one that served central and eastern towns in Pennsylvania. They had a total of 62 power plants in 1920, unknowingly later becoming one of the country’s prime utility companies

Nearly a century later, PPL Electric Utilities has over 10 million customers in Pennsylvania. They also have over 12,000 employees that work in both the United States and the UK. Now that they’ve become an established and trusted company, their goal is to create and advance energy so that future generations have a cleaner and more reliable environment. 

Operating State

PPL Electric Utilities operates in central and eastern Pennsylvania. 

Area Services

PPL Electric Utilities has a large service area. At this time, they service 29 counties in Pennsylvania. Scranton, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Williamsport are some of the more well-known areas that PPL Electric Utilities brings power to. You can find the full list of counties and towns within those counties using the link provided above. 


PPL Electric Utilities

827 Hausman Rd

Allentown, PA 18104

Phone Number:

1 (800) 342-5775

PPL Electric Utilities Customer Service Information

Pay Your Bill

PPL Electric Utilities has six different ways you can pay your bill. In addition to the ways you can pay your bill listed below, you will always have access to your entire bill history right from their website. Here are six ways you can pay your bill for PPL Electric Utilities:

  • Pay using a bank checking or savings account
  • Pay with your credit or debit card
  • Opt-in to pay via text
  • Sign up for automatic bill pay
  • Utilize the in-person pay centers
  • Pay by mail

In addition, you can start your payments online and get help with your bills if needed. 

Report An Outage

pplelectric savings

Reporting an outage is a helpful way to let the electric company know that there is an issue near you in your service area. This can help customers and businesses alike and allow the company to fix the issue as soon as possible.

You can report an outage for PPL Electric Utilities by clicking this link. You will need to enter your phone number, account number, and zip code. They suggest that if your power is completely out, you should check in with your neighbors to see if they’re experience issues as well. 

If they are not experiencing any electricity issues or if you don’t have any neighbors close by, check the fuses and your main breaker. If everything looks as it should, report the outage using the link above. You could also look at the outage map linked below and report an outage. 

Outage Map

You can view the PPL Electric Utilities outage map. That link will bring you to the map that gives you the option to type in your address, view outages by county, check the status of an outage, report an outage, and more. 

Customer Service Number 

You can reach customer service for PPL Electric Utilities by calling 1 (800) 342-5775. If you’re wondering how to get your electricity turned back on after PPL Electric Utilities shuts it off, their customer service will be able to help you Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Below are answers to some questions you might have about PPL Electric Utilities.

What does PPL Electric stand for?

Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) is an electric utility company, delivers electricity supply to about 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania.

What is the number for PPL?

Residential and small business customers can call 1-800-342-5775 for customer service. For Mid- and Large businesses, the phone number to call is 1-888-220-9991. The PPL phone number to pay bill is 1-800-672-2413.

Does PPL Electric have an app?

It doesn’t. However, you can manage your account and pay your bill in your customer account on the PPL website.


PPL Electric Utilities is a utility company that serves the majority of Pennsylvania. They currently have over 10 million customers that are both residents and businesses. PPL provides competitive rates, multiple plans, easy to access customer service, and more. 

What’s more, it is one of the nation’s leading companies in the power and light industry. PPL Electric Utilities looks forward to advancing more sustainable energy sources for future generations.

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