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In the state of Connecticut, energy customers of CL&P have discovered that they can shop for power from dozens of qualified and licensed electricity suppliers. The creation of a competitive electricity market throughout Connecticut has created an abundance of rate options that customers can now choose between. Energy shoppers in CL&P, which recently changed their brand name to Eversource, are becoming more aware of their options as competitive suppliers have increased their marketing budgets in an attempt to attract new customers. The competitive energy landscape in the Eversource service area has allowed consumers to shop for lower prices, renewable energy sources, a variety of terms, and better customer service.

Lower electric rates, compared to the CL&P or Eversource default rate, is the biggest reason people start shopping. If a customer is able to find a competitive electricity rate that is lower than the CL&P rate for generation service, they will guarantee themselves savings on their monthly Eversource electric bill. The CL&P default rate is called the generation service rate and includes charges for generation and transmission services. The distribution charges are not included in this rate as that component remains regulated by the state, and is therefor the same no matter who suppliers the customer with power.

For some consumers in the Connecticut Eversource service area, the price for the electricity that they pay is not as much as an issue as to how that power is generated. These consumers are willing to pay a premium for their electricity service in order to support green energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuel sources of power. In recent years there has been a push for solar power in Connecticut due to an increased interest among the citizens of the state to be more environmentally friendly in their energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to contribute to green energy in Connecticut is for power shoppers to buy a green energy plan where the power is generated from wind turbines. While solar panel installation is effective, there are financial and construction constraints involved that many consumers do not want to take on. Green energy rate plans, however, provide a way for electricity shoppers to help the environment with as little as 5 minutes of their time enrolling in a plan online. Many of these plans are also lower priced than the CL&P generation service default rate.

Listed below is a list of competitive rates, offered by licensed suppliers, for consumers to shop in the CL&P Eversource service territory.

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