Choose a New PSEG Electricity Supplier

The ability to choose a new PSEG electricity supplier is lost on most consumers, however, doing just that can result in a significant drop in monthly electricity expenses. The New Jersey Energy Choice and Competition Act gives New Jersey consumers the right to shop for competitive electricity and gas rates offered by alternative energy suppliers who are licensed by the state. Unfortunately, there has been a reluctance among the eligible pool to shop and choose a competitive supplier due to a lack of understanding of how the New Jersey energy choice market works.

People are often afraid to choose a new energy supplier because they are worried about the changes that will take place once the switch is complete: Will the quality of the power is the same, will the power be interrupted, will PSEG treat me differently? These are some of the common questions and concerns that keep PSEG customers from switching to a new electricity supplier offering a lower price for power supply than the PSEG default rate. Customers should understand that PSEG will continue to deliver power to their homes at rates that remain regulated by the state. The quality of power does not change and furthermore cannot change. Even though a competitive electricity market exists in New Jersey, allowing consumers to choose between dozens of electricity suppliers and hundreds of rate options, the power still arrives at homes, in the same manner, no matter which option is selected. There is also no interruption of service when a customer chooses a new electricity supplier as the change is a computer billing system change and not a mechanical one; no one has to come to the property to complete a successful switch, it is just a matter of PSEG changing in their system the company who provides a customer with power supply and at what price.

Perhaps the least understood aspect of choosing a new PSEG electricity supplier is the fact that even though a customer switches to an alternative supplier, PSEG continues to be the power delivery company for that customer. Customers in New Jersey who receive an electric bill from PSEG are in the PSEG service area and will continue to be PSEG delivery customers no matter who the electricity supplier becomes. This allows consumers to save on PSEG electricity costs while still receiving the reliable power delivery service of PSEG, who will continue to maintain the lines and wires in emergencies. When competitive rates are below the PSEG default rate there is no reason for a customer not to choose a new electricity supplier. Choosing a new supplier with low prices is simply about saving money on the monthly PSEG electric bill.

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