Lower My CL&P Bill

Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) serves as the regulated electricity delivery company for 79% of energy customers in Connecticut. Once a regulated monopoly for these customers for all aspects of power generation, transmission, and distribution, the Connecticut energy choice law has forced CL&P to restructure and is now only in charge of the distribution of the electricity. The restructuring of CL&P allows customers the ability to shop for lower electricity generation rates which can often result in lower CL&P bills.

Energy consumers who choose to shop for competitive electric rates still receive their monthly electric bill from CL&P. The CL&P divides the electric bill into a supply section, which includes the generation and transmission charges that are open for competition, and a delivery section, which includes the distribution charges that remain regulated by the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Customers who have not found lower electric rates through energy choice pay a default generation rate through CL&P. When a customer does decide to shop for the best electric rates, the rate they choose replaces the CL&P default generation rate on the electric bill.

The generation default rate is set by CL&P for one calendar year at a time. CL&P does not profit from the default rate, they simply pass the revenues from these charges onto other energy companies who have bid to service portions of the default paying customer base. As an individual consumer, you can choose a competitive energy company that is offering a lower electric rate than the default rate and see CL&P electric bill savings without seeing a change in your billing cycle, quality of power, or emergency service from CL&P.

Find the best CL&P rates available and compare the rates to the current CL&P generation default rate. All rates below are updated daily and are offered by energy companies licensed by the state of Connecticut.

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