Best Duke Energy Rates offered by Electricity Companies

Energy choice participation has increased in the Duke Energy service area as consumers are becoming more aware of legislation that allows them to shop for better electricity rates. The unbundling of Duke Energy allows consumers to solicit offers from competitive electricity companies who can offer more attractive terms and pricing. Advertising from Ohio electricity companies has also attributed to consumers obtaining a better understanding of Ohio electricity choice laws. Having a choice of multiple companies to purchase power from has resulted in Duke Energy customers receiving better prices, terms, and customer service.

Residents living in the Duke Energy service area searching for the best electric rate should consider switching to a competitive electricity company. In order to find the best electricity rate customers should compare multiple offers. There is a variety of rate products available that are bing marketed to residential Duke Energy consumers ranging from long term fixed rates to monthly variable terms. In addition, some companies offer incentives such as renewable energy sources, cash back rewards, or even free Nest Thermostats that allow you to better track your energy consumption.

Trying to choose the best electricity rate in the Duke Energy territory is becoming easier as the competition fights to gain more market share. One tool that is becoming increasingly popular to help electric choice shoppers choose and compare rates is online energy comparison sites. Online comparison sites allow users to compare the best electric rates from multiple companies based upon the desired term that best suits the customer’s needs. Some comparison sites, such as, provide customers with updated pricing before their contract expires. This added service helps customers stay on top of the market so that they are always getting a low electric rate. One of the easiest financial mistakes a person can make is to forget when their electricity contract ends, causing them to go months of overpaying for their power. When fixed rate contracts expire, the electricity company usually places the customer on a variable rate that is often substantially higher than the fixed rate. It is important to stay on top of your contract and sign a new on prior to the current contract’s expiration date.

Below are the best Duke Energy rates offered by electricity companies who have been licensed and approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. If the competitive rates are lower than the Duke Energy price to compare rate, the difference multiplied by the monthly power usage will be the amount of money a residential customer will save on their monthly electric bill. Long term fixed pricing also provides stability and protection against future potential price hikes that can occur with the Duke Energy price to compare rate.

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