Switch Energy Rates in PEPCO Maryland

Recent rate increase in the PEPCO Maryland standard offer service has increased interest among consumers in the area on their ability to switch energy rates and buy their power from an alternative supplier. The state of Maryland is an energy choice state which allows PEPCO customers to shop the market for better electricity rates. Switching off of the PEPCO standard offer service and onto a lower rate will result in lower monthly PEPCO electric bills.

PEPCO services around 535,000 electricity customers in the state of Maryland, all of whom have the ability to switch energy rates if they decide to shop the competitive market. Even though PEPCO customers can switch suppliers for their electricity generation supply, they still must receive their power from the PEPCO lines and wires which continues to be a regulated business. Maryland electricity choice laws unbundled the state utilities to make way for competition, however the distribution portion of the bill remains regulated. This secures the role that PEPCO plays for their customers which includes delivering the power, maintaining the reliability of the power lines, and the monthly billing and electric bill collection process.

New electricity companies can now market their service to PEPCO customers for the power supply portion of the electric bill which includes generation and transmission. Switching energy companies is an easy process that does not require a technician to visit the property. The switch process is simply a computer switch and will only be noticed when lower electric bills start arriving in the mail, or email.

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