Lowest BGE Electricity Suppliers

With Maryland energy choice alive and well, especially in the BG&E service area, more consumers than ever before are spending time searching for the electricity supplier offering the lowest prices. While finding a low electricity price is important, BG&E customers should also focus on the length of the term of the offer. Sometimes it will be more advantageous to pay a slightly higher price for electricity if the price will be locked in for a greater amount of time, providing the customer with additional peace of mind in the very volatile electricity market.

Baltimore Gas & Electric delivers power to more than 1.25 million electricity customers, all of which have the option to shop the competitive market for electricity prices and offers from licensed suppliers. Customers who choose not to shop pay a default rate offered by BG&E for their electricity supply. If the price for electricity offered by a competitive Maryland supplier is lower than the default rate, the customer will receive lower BGE electric bills. The lower the rate the more the customer will save, leading to the desire for consumers to find the supplier with the lowest BGE electricity rate.

Using the electricity rate finder database at electricrate.com, BG&E customers can compare offers from suppliers who are licensed by the state of Maryland. Some customers prefer to take the absolute lowest electricity price while others are looking to lock in their rate for as long as possible so that they don’t have to worry about how much they are paying every few months. With the maturity of the Maryland energy choice market, there is a low BGE supplier for every type of customer.

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