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Best Electricity Plans For a Two Bedroom Apartment

average kwh usage 1 bedroom apartment

Leaving the nest and moving into your first apartment is a big step, so you want to make sure that you account for all future expenses of this upgrade. Rent is just the beginning;  you will need to get insurance, a cable, an internet bill – and of course, your heating and cooling energy costs.

Estimating your bills can go a long way in providing you some peace of mind. Learning how to reduce them is even better. Let’s look at doing both for your new 2 bedroom apartment.

Best Electricity Plans for a 2 Bedroom Apartment

If you live in one of the 19 deregulated states in the U.S., we have some good news for you. You can avoid paying the high default energy tariffs, charged by your utility company and shop for a competitive electricity plan from a retail energy provider (REP) instead.

Choosing the right energy plan is not hard, but it requires some basic knowledge about different types of electric rates and your electricity usage. The advertised rates you will find on electric suppliers’ websites are tied to a specific kWh usage, so if you spend less (or more) electricity than the estimate, the rate will be different. That’s why you should be aware of how much electricity does your apartment need. 

In addition, the type of energy rate you choose for your 2 bedroom apartment will also have a huge impact. Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. Below is a one-sentence overview of the most commonly offered products on the market:

average kwh usage 2 bedroom apartment

Fixed-Rate Plans - Choosing a fixed plan lock the rate you pay per kWh of electricity for the duration of the contract, no matter how much the wholesale prices fluctuate. These rates are an affordable, reliable option providing peace of mind for a fixed period. However, if you decide to exit the plan early, you might pay a fee.

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Variable-Rate Plans - There is no locked-in rate with a variable plan, so your energy rates might be cheaper one month and more expensive the next. The plus side is that there is no commitment to stick to it for a fixed period and you can switch anytime.

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Time-Of-Use Tariff Plans- With a TOU tariff, you essentially pay a higher rate during the peak hours of the day and a low, or a zero rate for kWh electricity during the off-peak hours. If you are able to shift your usage to the times of low demand, such as late evenings or the weekends, you can generate great savings.

Average kWh Usage of a 2 Bedroom Apartment

Is it possible to predict what the electric bill for your 2 bedroom apartment will be? While it’s not an exact science, being aware of your consumption and a basic understanding of how is the electricity bill calculated will at least land you in the right ballpark.

You can start by asking your landlord or property manager for utility estimates. If the previous tenant is around and seems friendly, he could be a great source of information. Of course, be aware that your consuming habits might be very different – ask him to list the frequently used appliances and services to get a better idea.

If you can’t get your hand on an estimate, you can use some rough estimates available on the internet., an online blog that advertises rental listings has the following estimates for electricity and heat bills:

 average electric bill for 2 bedroom apartment in texas

An American household uses about 914 kWh a month, which works out as a little over 30 kWh a day. So, you can expect your 2 bedroom apartment to use anywhere between 1000 – 1500 kWh a day.

Of course, the square footage of your apartment will also factor in – the larger space you live in, the higher your energy usage. An apartment that measures 1,072 square feet will generate an electric bill of roughly $85.76 per month. Every additional square foot will typically add $0.08 in energy costs.

Best Electric Rates for a 2 Bedroom Apartment

When it comes to electricity plans for your 2 bedroom apartment, you should choose a plan that offers a low rate per kWh for a monthly usage similar to yours. Locking your rate for a fixed period will allow you to live comfortably, without stressing about fluctuations in the wholesale energy cost.

Below you can find the best-fixed rates for two-bedroom apartments, available in different cities within Texas:

Dallas-Fort Worth

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the economic and cultural hub of North Texas, encompasses 11 counties in north-east Texas. Find the best Dallas-Fort Worth electricity rates below:


Houston Metropolitan Area

The fifth-most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States, Houston Metropolitan Area encompasses nine counties along the Gulf Coast in Southeast Texas. Find the best Houston Metropolitan Area electricity rates below:


Corpus Christi

Tucked into a bay and its beaches are sheltered by Padre and Mustang Islands, Corpus Christi is a city in the South Texas region extending into the counties of Aransas, Kleberg, and San Patricio. Find the best Corpus Christi electricity rates below:


Electricity Companies for a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Texas

The Lone Star State has one of the most sophisticated deregulated energy markets in the U.S., with hundreds of REPs competing for the attention of customers. Today, over 85% of the territory is deregulated (with only a few exceptions, like the city of Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso). If you live in or are moving to Texas, there is a very high chance, that you have energy choice too.

What are some of the popular plans you can currently find for your two-bedroom apartment?

TriEagle Energy’s 12 months SMART Energy 12 plan for 11.3¢ / kWh includes a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat that will automatically adjust your air conditioner and heat in your apartment, for the most optimal usage. The less electricity you use, the more money you have to put towards the rent and living expenses.

4Change Energy’s Maxx Saver 12 plan locks your rate at only 5.9¢ / kWh for the duration of one year for usage of 1000 kWh. Any energy you use above the 1000kWh will earn you a $90 bill credit for each billing cycle. Pretty good deal, right?

Do you want a price certainty for longer than one year? Discount Power’s Wise Buy 24 plan will give you a low 10.3¢ / kWh for two full years (based on 1000 kWh usage).

Finally, if you care about preserving the environment and the planet we live on, you can opt for the Green Mountain Energy’s Pollution Free™ e-Plus 12 plan, sourced 100% from wind electricity for 10.9¢ / kWh and additional discounts when you enroll in Tree Free billing within thirty days of your service start date.

Didn’t find anything you love? Enter your zip code on our website to see a comprehensive list of electricity rates and providers for apartments in your area.

Once you compare all the providers and find the plan that best fits your lifestyle, you might be tempted to congratulate yourself and kickback. However, this is just the beginning. There are multiple ways of shaving money off your bill by making every room in your apartment efficient. Read our 25 Clever Ways How To Save Money On Utilities In Every Room.


How much should an electric bill be for an apartment?

According to, an online blog that advertises rental listings, the median monthly electric bill for a two-bedroom apartment, with two residents is $76, approximately $10 more expensive than a one-room apartment with two residents. This is due to the larger space that needs to be heated and cooled, adding to the power bills.

How much electricity does a 2 bedroom house use?

You can expect your 2 bedroom apartment to use anywhere between 1000 – 1500 kWh a day. Of course, the square footage of your apartment will also factor in – the larger space you live in, the higher your energy usage. A 2 bedroom apartment that measures 1,072 square feet will generate an electric bill of roughly $85.76. Every additional square foot will typically add $0.08 to your monthly electricity invoice.

How much is a water bill for a 2 bedroom apartment?

According to the U.S. Consumer site Move.Org, the regular American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home, corresponding to a water bill of $70.39 per month. Many apartment buildings lump the cost of water with your rent, so generally, you shouldn’t have to worry about budgeting for it. 

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