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PECO Residential Electric Bill Increase by 6%

PECO customers can expect an upward swing in their electricity bills starting December 1, 2021. The hike for residential customers is pegged at 6%, while that for small industrial and commercial customers is at 8%. This comes as the energy company files for new electric Generation Supply Adjustment (GSA) charges with the Pennsylvania PUC.   

The GSA, labeled as the generation charge, makes up the largest block of the Price to Compare (PTC), which also includes the transmission charge. As changes to the transmission charge usually take place in December, the new PTCs have not yet been announced.  

The proposed rates are awaiting the approval of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission and, if given the commission’s nod, will impact PECO customers as such:  

For PECO’s residential customers (R, RH), the 6% increase means that the current GSA rate of $0.06012 per kWh will go up to $0.06388.  

PECO Energy

7.07¢ Price to Compare

Through May 31, 2022

Provider Plan Term Rate Savings  
36 months
10.59¢ / kWh
36 months
11.29¢ / kWh
24 months
12.79¢ / kWh
Think Energy
100% renewable energy
24 months
13.20¢ / kWh
Direct Energy
18 months
13.29¢ / kWh

For PECO’s General Service (GS) customers or those who consume under 100 kW, the 8% hike will see the current GSA rate of $0.05306 per kWh increase to $0.05747 per kWh.  

For PECO’s Primary – Distribution Power (PD) customers or those who are at or under 100 kW, the 8% increase in GSA rates means that the current rate of $0.05215 per kWh will rise to $0.05649 per kWh.  

For High-Tension Power (HT) customers or those at or under 100 kW, the 8% increase in GSA rates means that the current rate of $0.05001 per kWh will move up to $0.05418 per kWh.  

The new GSA rates will take effect on December 1, 2021, and will last till February 28, 2022.  

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