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The majority of Pennsylvanian residents are most likely familiar with Philadelphia Electric Company, or PECO for short. If it’s your power provider, below you can find an overview of how to pay a bill, report an outage or get in touch with the customer service team. But remember – as a Pennsylvania resident, you have another option to – switch to a competitive power provider to enjoy the perks of being a deregulated energy consumer.

Shop For Electricity Rates

If you are having trouble paying your bill, PECO will help you set up an alternative billing arrangement on 1-888-480-1533.

If you live in the PECO Energy area, you have the power to switch electric providers to unlock some great savings. Switching to a cheaper rate can significantly reduce your energy bill each month and earn you some additional perks. Just enter your zip code to compare, what energy plans are on offer in your area.

You can also search by individual energy providers and read our reviews about their offered electric rates, perks of signing up for the service and a lot of other useful details.

Don’t forget – Your usage matters. The energy rate offers are linked to specific monthly usage, so you should find out what’s yours before you get locked in a contract.

About PECO Energy

PECO Energy prides itself on being one of the largest and also one of the oldest power companies, not only in Pennsylvania but also in the US. For more than 100 years,  PECO, a subsidiary of the Exelon Corporation, has supplied approximately 500,000 natural gas and 1.6 million electricity customers.

The state utility covers areas of the greater Pennsylvania, including communities in the Southeast Pennsylvania area such as Pottstown, Coatesville. Willow Grove and Norristown.

In January 2011, Pennsylvania has deregulated in the energy market, which means, that you have the right to shop around for electricity rates and switch to a more competitive supplier. The state official energy comparison website, PA Power switch actively encourages residents to shop for competitive power rates, by simply entering your zip code and comparing available energy offers to the PECO Price to Compare, currently set at 6.737 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Pay Your PECO Energy Bill

If PECO is your energy provider, there are multiple ways it allows you to settle the electric bill at the end of each month. You can:

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Green energy plan - Multiple retail providers in DC offer at least one partially or fully renewable energy plan. .With the green plans, the supplier pledges to buy Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs, from a generator that produces power from renewable sources, such as wind. Enter your zip code to choose from the available green energy plans.

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Pay In Person - by finding a payment center near you.

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Pay By Phone - by dialing 1-877-432-9384.

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Pay by Mail - by sending a check to PECO, P.O. Box 37629, Philadelphia, PA 19101.

PECO’s Environmental Focus

Despite having been around the block for nearly 100 years, PECO is very modern in its thinking when it comes to the environment. It has launched several initiatives to support energy efficiency and renewable energy generation in Pennsylvania:

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A solar calculator - Consumers, interested in setting up a solar panel can access a free solar calculator, that can estimate costs, savings, and the payback period of the investment, analyze the rooftop solar exposure and show available credits and rebates that shape your investment.

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PECO Smart Ideas - This program was launched by PECO in 2009 to help its residential and commercial customers become more energy efficient. It claims that it has since reduced energy use in Pennsylvania by nearly 2.2 million megawatt-hours, which has saved the residents some$500 million.

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Microgrid pilot - PECO cooperates with multiple different stakeholders to invest in innovative technologies, like microgrids, with the aim of enhancing the electric system resiliency in the future.

Report an Outage

There is nothing scarier than natural gas or an electricity emergency! If you are experiencing an outage, you can contact the Philadelphia Electric Company 24/7 on 1-800-841-4141. You can also report your outage online, by text or on social media, if you are a member of the Millennial generation.


Below are answers to some questions you might have about PECO:

What time does the Philadelphia Electric Company close?

PECO customer service representatives are usually available on the phone until 7 PM. Of course, if you are experiencing an electric or a gas emergency, you can call 24 / 7 on  1-800-841-4141.

How do I contact the PECO Energy company?

You can reach out to the PECO customer service at 1-800-494-4000, between 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. If you prefer human contact, you can visit a PECO Customer Solution Center from 8:30 AM to 5 PM in 2301 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Can I view my PECO bill online?

Yes, you can view and pay your Philadelphia Electric Company energy bill online, by logging into your account, where you can also track your energy usage, view your billing history or set up automatic payments.

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