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Unitil Price Increases Twice as much in December 2021

Customers of Unitil can expect a surge in their electricity bill in 2022. This comes as Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company d/b/a Unitil files for an increase in its electric ba-sic service rates with the Massachusetts DPU. The increased rates will cover the period starting December 1, 2021.  

The mark-up will see the residential and small commercial default service fixed rate rising to around 20 cents. That’s more than twice the current rate.    

Effective December 1, 2021, the fixed basic service charge will increase by $0.19880 per kWh for residential (RD-1, RD-2) and Small General (GD-1) commercial customers. That’s equivalent to a 108% rise over the current rate of $0.09554 per kWh and will cover the period from December 2021 up to May 2022.    

Provider Plan Term Rate  

Here’s a list of the proposed rates that are still subject to the approval of the DPU. They include the current Basic Service Costs Adder amounting to $0.00796 per kWh. As this may change before the new rates’ implementation, the total rates may still change before December 1, 2021.

Basic Service Rates of Fitchburg Gas and Electric (Unitil) per kWh starting December 2021 to May 2022  

For Residential (RD-1, RD-2), Small General (GD-1)   

Fixed Rate (December-May): $0.19880  

Monthly Rate Option 

Dec 2021: $0.22769   

Jan 2022: $0.26553   

Feb 2022: $0.25760   

Mar 2022: $0.17807   

Apr 2022: $0.11022   

May 2022: $0.10433  

For Medium General and Outdoor Lighting (GD-2, GD-4, GD-5, SD)   

Fixed Rate (December-May): $0.18247   

Monthly Rate Option   

Dec 2021: $0.21322   

Jan 2022: $0.25216   

Feb 2022: $0.24280   

Mar 2022: $0.14993   

Apr 2022: $0.10682   

May 2022: $0.09495   

Unitil chose NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC as the supplier for both the Small Customer Group basic service supply requirement and the Medium Customer Group basic service supply requirement for the six-month period beginning December 1, 2021. The decision was based on the pricing received in response to an RFP.  

Due to the uncertainties about the implementation date of the municipal aggregation proposed by the City of Fitchburg in D.P.U. 20-117, the six-month delivery period and 100 percent service block was chosen, instead of the twelve-month period outlined in D.T.E. 02-40-B. 

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