Lowest West Penn Power Electricity Rates

Customers of West Penn Power haven’t had as many opportunities to save money on their electric bills through Pennsylvania electricity choice as some of the state’s other utility service areas. Over the last several years many electricity suppliers have been focusing their efforts at obtaining new customers in the PP&L and PECO service areas, both of which have more than one million residential customers and high utility default prices. During this time the West Penn Power default price for electricity had remained fairly low making it harder for competitive suppliers to entice customers to switch to their service. The paradigm is starting to change as more competitive electricity suppliers are looking to gain new customers in West Penn Power, resulting in lower prices that are enticing people to learn about electricity choice laws.

Pennsylvania electricity choice is set up to allow competitive electricity suppliers to offer electricity rates to consumers for the power supply component of their electric bill, this includes the generation and transmission service fees. The distribution service and charges remain the responsibility of the customer’s local utility. In this sense, even if a West Penn Power customer switches electricity suppliers, they still remain a customer with West Penn Power. West Penn Power also will continue to deliver the monthly electric bill to their customers even after a switch is made.

The only thing that changes on the electric bill after a customer switches is the price they pay for electricity generation and transmission. Once a customer chooses an alternative supplier, the rate plan that they choose will replace the West Penn Power default rate. West Penn Power charges a default rate, also known as the ‘Price to Compare’, to all of their customers who do not choose a competitive supplier. When a customer is able to find an electricity rate offer that is lower than the West Penn Power price to compare, then the customer has the ability to simply and clearly save money on their electric bill.

Finding the lowest West Penn Power electricity rate will maximize a customer’s savings. With many suppliers entering the market in an attempt to attract West Penn Power’s 620,000 residential customers, many with multiple rates offer, it can be a little overwhelming for first time power shoppers. By using an energy price comparison site consumers can easily compare price offers from multiple suppliers, taking note of not only price but also the length of the contract, early termination fees, and if the offer has any other type of fee or promotion. The lowest electricity offer might not always be the best option for everyone. Some West Penn Power customers might prefer to pay a little more for their electricity in return for the price protection of locking in their rate for two or three years.

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