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Penelec provides power to over 500,000 residential customers and 84,000 commercial customers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. As a major utility in an energy choice state, all customers of Penelec have the ability to shop in the market and compare competitive electricity price offers. By comparing electricity rates, customers can find a competitive generation rate to replace the Penelec price to compare rate in order to lower their electric bill and save money. To the surprise of many consumers, Penelec encourages their customers to shop for better rate offers. Penelec earns their revenues by delivering the power to their customers through regulated distribution charges, not through the generation charges which include the default price to compare rate and competitive rate offers.

Despite current competitive rates showing savings off of the Penelec price to compare above 10%, the amount of customers purchasing power from alternative suppliers remains low. As of December 2015, only 28.4% of residential customers had selected a competitive electricity company. The remaining 71.6% were paying the price to compare rate instead of reducing their electric bill through electricity choice. In the commercial market, only 42.5% of businesses had taken the time to compare electricity rate offers and lock in a rate plan with a competitive company.

Pennsylvania electricity consumers who receive their electric bill from Penelec, and who are looking to lower their electric bills, should take the time to compare electricity offers and find a rate plan that is lower than the default rate. The difference between the default rate, officially called the price to compare, and the competitive rate is the savings that the consumer will experience. Licensed electricity companies offering service to residential Penelec customers are posted below and updated every day. The switch process can occur online and does not require a repair person from Penelec or First Energy to visit the home.

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