Lowest Boston Electricity Rates

Energy choice participation is picking up in Boston as consumers are becoming more aware of legislation that allows them to shop for competitive electric rates. Participation has largely increased due to recent increases in the NSTAR price to compare electricity price, which is the rate for electricity charged to consumers who do not select an alternative supplier. NSTAR customers who can find a competitive electricity rate that is lower than the default rate will be able to save money on their monthly electric bill.

Competitive electricity companies have entered the Boston electric choice market in hopes of gaining market share by offering low electric rates and in some cases alternative green energy options. Many of these electricity companies have had success in nearby electricity choice markets such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. However, in the past they held off on soliciting new customers in Boston as the NSTAR default rates were very low, making it difficult to offer competitive prices. Now that the default rates have risen, Boston electricity customers have an incentive to learn about and participate in Massachusetts electricity choice program.

Finding the lowest Boston electricity rates offered by competitive suppliers can be a lengthy process for first time shoppers. Electricity rate comparison sites make it easy for consumers to easily compare companies and rates side by side. The comparison site electricrate.com is like the expedia.com for energy prices. While the comparison platform might not list every single offer in the Boston area, it does provide the lowest Boston electricity rates which often yield significant savings versus NSTAR default rates.

Below are some of the current lowest Boston electricity rates. Rates are updated in real time.

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