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Serving over 1.1 million electricity customers in Boston, Massachusetts, and the surrounding cities, NSTAR Electric and Gas is one of the largest utility companies in the New England area. Due to Massachusetts electricity choice laws, customers of NSTAR have the ability to shop for better electricity rates than the default rate being offered. Recent rate hikes have caused a number of electricity companies to enter the NSTAR service area in an attempt to gain market share in Boston.

Massachusetts electricity choice divides the power marketplace into two major sections – the delivery of electricity to consumers and the power generation. The power generation is the component that is open to choice and competition. Competitive residential Massachusetts electricity companies are able to offer NSTAR customers electricity rates in place of the NSTAR default generation rate. If a customer does not choose a competitive rate then they continue to pay the default power generation rate offered by NSTAR. Due to various reasons, NSTAR has recently increased its default rates substantially, causing many consumers to shop for the best NSTAR electricity rates.

The delivery of electricity in the Boston area continues to be the sole responsibility of NSTAR. The NSTAR electric bill includes charges for delivery service which are regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. This means that even when a customer chooses a better NSTAR rate with a competitive supplier, NSTAR continues to deliver that power to the customer’s home. NSTAR is unable to charge a premium or “punish” customers for switching suppliers since the delivery charges are regulated by the state. In addition, NSTAR does not care if their customers choose competitive power generation rates as they do not earn profits from the default rates that they offer. Instead, their profits are earned from the delivery charges.

Taking the time to find the best NSTAR electricity rates may seem like a foreign concept to many consumers. In time this will change and become the norm as people start to see the benefits that electricity choice brings, most notably a lower NSTAR electric bill. Below is a list of some of the best NSTAR electricity rate options at this time. Prices are updated on a daily basis.

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