Save On Energy in CL&P

The consistent rising of the CL&P price to compare rate has many Connecticut electricity customers scrambling to find ways to save money on their energy bills. CL&P residential customers can easily save on energy by shopping the competitive electricity choice market for a lower price than the default rate. Entering into an agreement with a competitive electricity company allows customers to take better control of their monthly electric bill. Not only will a lower electricity rate provide savings over the next several billing cycles, but it can also provide long term price stability if a long term contract is secured.

CL&P is Connecticut’s largest electric utility, providing power to more than 1.2 million customers. Roughly 38.4% of CL&P customers are buying power from a competitive electricity supplier in order to save money. That number reached a peak of 46.5% in 2012, but has come down over the last couple of years as the CL&P price to compare has dropped. However, now that the pendulum has changed directions for the price to compare, the number of shopping CL&P customers is expected to increase.

There are many ways to save on energy expenses through buying better insulation, upgrading home appliances, changing out your lightbulbs, and even installing a smart thermostat that helps improve your energy consumption efficiency. However, the easiest way to save on energy if you are a CL&P customer is to simply take a few minutes to shop and find a lower CL&P electricity rate.

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