Eversource Energy is New Name for NSTAR

Massachusetts electricity customers who have been receiving their electric bills from NSTAR will now receive those bills from a new company called Eversource Energy. NSTAR electricity customers do not have to worry about anything changing other than the logo on their bills. The account numbers will remain the same and the terms of any type of electricity choice contract that a customer may have entered into will not be effected by the change.

The parent company of NSTAR, NorthEast Utilities, has decided to rebrand their company which includes several high profile utilities. In addition to NSTAR in Massachusetts, the company also owns Western Massachusetts Electric, whose customers will also eventually see the Eversource Energy branding on their monthly electric bills. Eversource Energy delivers power to 3.6 million customers in several markets across the New England region.

The rebranding of NSTAR to Eversource Energy will not have an effect on electricity choice. Customers who have already entered into contractual agreements with competitive Massachusetts electricity companies will continue to be charged the amounts that they have agreed upon. The Eversource Energy default rate, the price customers pay for electricity generation service who have not shopped for competitive rates, are not effected by the rebranding. However, NSTAR customers did see a huge spike in their electricity charges on January 1, 2015. The spike is not related to the name change, however it is important for consumers to understand that they can lower their Eversource electric bill by shopping for lower Massachusetts electricity rates.

Below are a list of competitive electricity rates offered in the NSTAR service area, which has now been rebranded as Eversource Energy. All companies and their offers are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilites.

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