Get a Lower Massachusetts Electricity Bill

Energy choice is a hot topic in Massachusetts right now after all three of the state’s major utilities – National Grid, NSTAR, and Western Mass Electric – bumped up their default supply charges substantially to start the new year. Some consumers have seen their electricity rates double from the end of 2014 to January of 2015. While rates are up across the board, competitive electricity rates are coming in much lower than the utility default rates and thus offering attractive saving opportunities.

Throughout 2014 many people in Massachusetts did not participated in the energy choice market. Customers receiving their power from National Grid and NSTAR were satisfied with the default generation rates that their utilities were providing as competitive rates only offered small or no savings. The price hikes in the utility default rates have made finding significant savings more common. The lowest Boston electricity rates offered by competitive suppliers are showing savings of over 25% when compared to the NSTAR default rate. Meanwhile National Grid customers are seeing savings of 30% and above when compared to the fixed default rate offered by National Grid, with the savings being even more for those default customers on the variable rate plan.

Furthermore, many consumers who have participated in Massachusetts electricity choice in the past by locking in a fixed rate, have recently seen those contracts expire while forcing their bills higher. If a customer does not take the time to renew their electricity contract they will often be put on a variable rate with their current supplier. The variable rates can be volatile and rise quickly, usually leaving the customer in shock when the electric bill arrives. The recent price hikes have had a ripple effect to the variable pricing, leaving many NSTAR and National Grid customers whose fixed rate contracts had expired, with larger than expected electric bills.

If you are looking for a lower Massachusetts electricity bill the easiest thing that you can do is participate in the state’s energy choice plan and shop for a low electric rate offered by a competitive supplier. In order to offer service to customers in Massachusetts, an electricity supplier must be licensed by the Massachusetts Public Utility Commission.

Below are competitive rates offered to NSTAR and National Grid customers. All of the rate plans displayed have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Be sure to choose a rate in the service area (NSTAR or National Grid) that you are located.

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