Michigan Gas Utilities

michigan gas utilities rebatesMichigan Gas Utilities is a company that was established over 160 years ago. They have been providing consistent services to customers to the southern region of Michigan since then. If you’re looking for a trusted gas company in Michigan, you may want to consider Michigan Gas Utilities.

Below, you’ll read all about their history, gas rates, customer service information, and more. 

About Michigan Gas Utilities


michigan gas utilities customer serviceMichigan Gas Utilities has been established since 1859! This company has been around since before the Civil War. When they first began operating, they were using coal to help light the streets, homes, and businesses of customers in Michigan. Their parent organization is Wec Acquisition Corp.

Operating State

Michigan Gas Utilities operates in Michigan.

Area Services

The Michigan Gas Utilities service area is quite small. They serve around 176,000 customers in southern Michigan. They are available for residents and businesses in Grand Haven, Benton Harbor, Monroe, Otsego, and Coldwater.


Michigan Gas Utilities

899 S Telegraph Rd 

Monroe, MI 48161

Phone Number

  • Residential:
    800-401-6402 (24 hours a day)
  • Business:
    844-889-3500 (24 hours a day)

Michigan Gas Utilities Electric Rates

Services Offered

One of the services MGU provides is Michigan Gas Choice. This service lets you pick your natural gas supplier from a list of participating companies. There are also rebates and programs available to help make your home more energy efficient

Gas Rates

Each month your bill is made up of six charges that equal your total bill. You can read how their website describes each of these charges below:

Distribution Charge – “Customers with single-family homes pay $0.15871 per CCF for this service. Customers also pay a Gas Supply Acquisition Charge of $0.00790 per CCF.” This charge is in relation to the gas getting delivered each month.

Gas Cost Recovery Factor (GCR)This is the estimated cost of gas and all related costs to ensure reliable gas supply for our customers. 

Energy Waste Reduction SurchargesThe Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) “Surcharge for residential and multi-family residence is $0.01441 per CCF.”

Reservation Charge – “This charge allows for the recovery of costs related to the assets necessary to provide peak-day coverage and for MGU to serve as the “supplier of last resort“as required by the Commission in Case No. U-15929. The current Reservation Charge is $0.05830 per CCF.”

Total Commodity Charge“ This is the total of the Distribution Charge and the Gas Cost Recovery Factor per CCF and all applicable surcharges.”

Customer Charge“This is a fixed charge that does not vary with the amount of gas you use.”

Type of residenceDaily customer chargeGas cost chargeCommodity charge
Single-family home$0.42740 per day$0.34670$0.47916

The gas cost charge includes a reservation charge and the commodity charge includes all sub-charges for residential residents.

Michigan Gas Utilities Customer Service Information

Pay Your Bill

Michigan Gas Utilities online bill pay is the most popular way customers pay their bill. There are several other ways that you can pay for your bill using a credit card, debit card, or a bank account. Below is a list of all the bill pay services they offer:

  • Paper-free billing (eco-friendly option)
  • Online via bank account
  • Quick payment
  • Automatic payments
  • Pay in person
  • Pay by phone
  • Pay by mail

Michigan Gas Utilities also has a variety of billing options to meet all customers needs:

  • Large print billing
  • Billing in Braille 
  • Budget billing
  • Summary billing
  • Preferred due date

Report An Outage

michigan gas utilities service mapYou cannot report an outage online for Michigan Gas Utilities. They do provide their customers with a phone number for emergencies such as gas leaks. You can report that information by calling 800-401-6451. 

If there is a gas leak, leave the building immediately and call 911 once you’re a safe enough distance from the building to use a phone. 

Outage Map

Michigan Gas Utilities doesn’t have an outage map. You can submit a meter reading. If you’re a customer of Michigan Gas Utilities and suspect an outage, you can use a search engine to see if there are any accidents or emergencies that have caused an outage in your area. 

Customer Service Number 

Whether you’re a resident or business owner, you can reach Michigan Gas Utilities customer service at the numbers below:

  • Residential:
    800-401-6402 (24 hours a day)
  • Business:
    844-889-3500 (24 hours a day)


Though they may not provide an outage map, Michigan Gas Utilities is a company that is dedicated to its nearly 200,000 customers in southern Michigan. They provide competitive rates and a variety of bill paying options to meet all of their customers’ needs. Be sure to check out their website for more information. 

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