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delmarva power alternative suppliersWhen you move into a new home, you may have to switch electric companies. It can make a huge difference to know important information about the company serving your area. Today we’re going to talk a bit about Delmarva Power. You’ll learn about their history as a company, what their rates are like, and a bit about their coverage. 

Whether you’re living in Delaware or Maryland, Delmarva Power may be your electric company! Let’s talk a bit about their history and how their rates compare to others in the Delmarva Peninsula area. 

About Delmarva Power


current power outages in mdWhen Delmarva Power was established in 1909, it was originally named Delaware Power and Light. They have been servicing the residents and business owners of the upper east coast for over 100 years. You can find their headquarters in Newark, DE. Currently, there are just under 1,000 Delmarva Power employees. 

Operating States

Delmarva Power operates in most of Delaware and parts of Maryland.

Areas Serviced

Along the Eastern Shore area of Maryland and the majority of the state of Delaware, Delmarva Power has a service area of around 5,000 square-miles along the Delmarva Peninsula. 

Corporate Correspondence 
Delmarva Power 
PO Box 17006 
Wilmington, DE 19850-7006

Phone Number
Customer Service: 1-800-375-7117
Servicio en Español: 1-800-375-7117​

Delmarva Power Electric Rates

Services Offered

Delmarva Power offers the following services:

  • Electric service
  • Switching to gas (business)
  • Switching to gas (residential)
  • De-energizing and grounding overhead lines

Electric Rates

Delmarva Power offers services such as electric, grounding power lines, and switching to gas to both residents and business owners. Delmarva Power charges rates based on your location and the type of service(s) you require.

Price to Compare Chart for Residents

Rate Class6/1/168/16/166/1/178/21/176/1/186/1/1911/1/19
Residential Service8.819.588.948.467.837.257.33
Residential Heating7.597.526.977.676.466.71
Residential time of use (non-demand)7.797.697.137.466.476.096.25

Price To Compare For Businesses

Rate Class10/1/156/1/168/16/166/1/178/21/176/1/186/1/1911/1/19
Small General Service Non-demand (SGS)8.928.067.987.397.516.596.526.48
Medium General Service (MG)8.726.816.716.226.36.916.496.47
General Service Water Heating (GSW)7.767.056.996.356.315.685.655.69
Medium General Service Heating (MGH)8.726.816.716.226.36.916.496.47
General Service Space Heating (GSH)9.068.418.327.768.067.46.936.98
Large General Service (LG)8.66.496.435.
General Service Primary (GSP)7.56.676.624.
Outdoor Recreational Lighting (ORL)6.655.835.795.285.284.554.334.33

Delmarva Power Customer Service Information

Pay Your Bill

There are five options when it comes to Delmarva Power bill pay:

  • Online
  • Online as guest
  • Mobile app
  • Physical payment location
  • By mail

Report An Outage

You can easily report a Delmarva Power outage by logging on to their website, calling their customer service number, or right from their mobile app!

Outage Map

delmarva price to compareDelmarva Power outage map can be found. This will show you an estimate of how many people are experiencing outages, along with where the outage is. 

Customer Service Number

Delmarva Power customer service can be reached by calling 1-800-375-7117 on Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Can I pay my Delmarva Power bill with a credit card?

Delmarva Power allows its customers to pay using your bank account, debit card, or credit card. If you’re making a guest payment, you’ll have the option of paying with an eCheck as well. 

Does Delmarva Power require a deposit?

Yes, they do. Delmarva Power calculates a deposit based on the average for two months of electric rates in your area. It will be shown on your first month’s bill as a new customer.

How do I report my power outage?

You can report a Delmarva Power outage on their website, mobile app, or by calling their 1-800 number.

Who owns Delmarva Power?

The parent company of Delmarva Power is Exelon and its CEO is Dave Velazquez.


Delmarva Power is a long-standing and trusted electric company that offers services to both residents and business owners in Delaware and Maryland. They offer competitive rates for residents, you can easily report a power outage, they have multiple services available, and they also have several ways to pay your bill.

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