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Baltimore Gas & Electric is the largest electric utility company in the state of Maryland serving over one million residential and 120,000 commercial customers. BG&E customers are able to participate in the Maryland energy choice market which allows them to shop and compare electricity rates from over a dozen competitive energy suppliers. Energy choice in Maryland gives consumers the ability to lower the electric rate that they pay each month while continuing to receive reliable electric service from the state regulated utilities such as BG&E.


Many people living in the city of Baltimore and the surrounding areas are not fully aware of their electricity rate options. Though they may have seen an advertisement or two promising a lower BG&E electric bill, they are reluctant to switch away from BG&E due to loyalty. These consumers should understand that they will remain, customers of BG&E, even after they choose a low price competitive electricity company. While Maryland electricity customers have the ability to shop for lower electric rates, they do not get to choose the company that delivers them the power. BG&E is a regulated power delivery company for their specific service area; this means that they manage the delivery of the power, maintain the lines, wires and power grid, as well as send out the monthly electric bill to all of their customers regardless of who those customers have selected to purchase their power supply.

Maryland electricity customers who have not participated in energy choice pay an electric default rate with their local utility. In the BG&E service area that electricity rate is called “The Price to Compare”. BG&E can use the residential “Price to Compare” against competitive energy rate offers to see how much money they can save. If a competitive electricity company is offering a fixed electric rate offer that is 10% less than the BG&E price to compare, than that rate will save you 10% on your monthly BG&E electricity supply charges. The delivery charges found on the bill remain regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission and are the same no matter which electricity company is chosen.

While there are several reasons people switch electricity companies the most popular one remains savings. Everyone wants to find a way to lower their monthly electricity bill, and electric choice provides the easiest way to do just that. By simply taking a few minutes to compare Maryland’s competitive electric rates to that of the BG&E Price to Compare a customer can substantially reduce their BG&E electric bill. Find competitive BG&E electricity rates below updated on a daily basis.

BGE Electric Supply Price Comparison

Rate ScheduleJun. 1, 2020 through Sep. 30, 2020 ¢/kWhOct. 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021 ¢/kWhWeighted Average  Supply Price Jun. 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021 ¢/kWh
RL (TOU)7.0697.2997.223
G Type I SOS6.4516.5626.526
GS (TOU) Type I SOS6.5236.4886.497
SL 34.7784.7784.778

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