Compare PPL Electricity Prices

In the state of Pennsylvania, energy consumers in Harrisburg, Allentown, and Scranton have discovered that they are no longer forced to buy their power from PP&L. The unbundling of Pennsylvania Power & Light allows consumers to compare electricity prices from dozens of competitive electricity companies. The success of the Pennsylvania electricity choice market structure has resulted in a constant increase in the number of competing energy companies looking to acquire new customers.

The infusion of new competitive electricity companies is helping to advertise the benefits of energy choice rules and regulations. The increased energy choice awareness can be observed in the number of PPL consumers who are participating in the process of electricity price comparison. Consumers who are new to energy choice don’t always understand the benefits of deregulation. Comparing electricity rates can provide a substantial decrease on the monthly PPL electric bill by securing an electric rate with a company whose price is lower than the PPL default price.

There are a number of factors to consider when comparing PPL electricity prices. For most people the most important issue is finding the lowest PPL electric rate. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission requires that all competitive energy companies structure their advertised rates is a specific way – so that they include generation, transmission, and the gross receipts tax – in order to eliminate deceitful practices and hidden charge tactics among the energy companies. However, consumers should be weary of variable rate offers that advertise low introductory rates as these are often followed by steep price increases after the initial month. Finding a low fixed electricity rate is the best way to go if you are looking for price certainty.

PP&L has been changing their default rates every three to five months, making the electric bill amount for customers on this rate structure an uncertainty. Customers who have locked in low fixed rates with a competitive supplier are not only able to save money right away, but budget their energy expenses for the next year and more. A comparison tool for PP&L electricity rates is offered below; these electricity prices are updated every hour.

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