Lowest PEPCO Electricity Rates

As a competitive electricity market, Potomac Electric Power (PEPCO) has been put on the map as a success story as more power companies and more shoppers are actively participating. PEPCO is Maryland’s second largest electric service area providing power delivery service to more than 540,000 customers including 491,000 residential customers. As new competitive electricity companies have entered the PEPCO market prices have been pushed down allowing customers to benefit from Maryland electricity choice in the form of lower PEPCO electricity rates and bills.

PEPCO customers can lower their monthly electric bill if they find a competitive rate that is beneath their standard offer service (SOS) rate which is the price for a power supply that PEPCO customers pay who do not shop for competitive power rates. Residential customers in PEPCO need to understand that competitive offers include generation and transmission prices. When doing an electricity price comparison to determine if money will be saved, residential customers should add the SOS generation and SOS transmission rates together. Many PEPCO residential customers are only comparing the competitive rates, which include generation and transmission, to the PEPCO generation rate.

Electricity choice in PEPCO is providing an easy way for Maryland consumers to lower their electricity rates without having to make any upfront or ongoing financial commitment. Maryland electricity choice simply allows consumers to replace one high electric rate with a more competitive lower electric rate.

Below is a list of competitive PEPCO electricity rates from companies that are licensed and regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission. These rates are updated daily and are an apples-to-apples comparison with the PEPCO default standard offer service rates so that you can easily compare and find the lowest PEPCO electricity rates.

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