BGE Electric Supply Price Comparison 2019 Information

As 2019 begins, residential customers in the BGE service area in Maryland are being offered attractive electricity rates that can assist in lowering their electric bills.   In the first five months of the new year, the default electricity supply price is set at $0.08076.  Meanwhile, several competitive suppliers are offering fixed rates below $0.080 resulting in savings of up to 12% for customers who are still on the BGE default price.  Of the four major electric utilities in Maryland, BGE is the largest in customer size and has the most competitive suppliers competing for customers.

In order to choose the right competitive electricity supplier, BGE customers should take the time to analyze the different supplier’s offers.  Online electricity comparison sites in Maryland contain a search engine for available rate offers that provide customers with the ability to filter for price, length of term, and early termination fee amount.   Viewing multiple offers at once on one platform makes it easy for a potential customer to find the right plan.  

Changing from one supplier to another can completely be taken care of through the comparison site.  The submission of the online enrollment process finalizes the actual switch that will then occur instantly on the next available or scheduled meter read date.  Electric choice customers who sign up through a price comparison site such as will have the convenience of having the cheapest rate presented to them once their current rate approaches expiration.  Maryland electricity suppliers often offer their cheapest prices to brand new customers while offering existing customers higher prices with the knowledge that most consumers will forget to shop when their initial term expired, a page taken from the auto insurance industry. helps their customers stay on top of their contracts and keeps them informed with the lowest prices in the market at any given time to prevent the price from slowly rising over time.

Below are the current BGE competitive rate offers.  All suppliers are licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

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