Best Dallas Energy Rates

Finding the best energy rate in Dallas to power your home or business can be an exhausting task. You can easily end up spending your entire Saturday afternoon performing what will seem like an endless online research process to accomplish your goal of finding the very best lowest electricity rate. Texas electricity companies are able to display their offers in numerous ways making it hard for customers to get a true apples to apples comparison between companies.

Want to call the electricity companies and get a direct answer? When you call an individual electricity company you will be talking to one player, a firm, in a market of over thirty, and the person you will talking to will most likely be an hourly paid employee who has been trained to say anything to get you to sign up your electricity service with that company.

Energy price comparison sites, like, make it easy for consumer to easily and effectively search for the best Dallas energy rates. While some comparison sites and energy company sites display rates based on a customer using a predetermined amount of electricity, such as 1,000 or 2,000 KWh a month, we display the exact energy rates the customer pays. Other regulated fixed charges are listed on the offer’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL), though most are in the vicinity of a few dollars, making the actual fixed energy rate the most efficient way to compare energy rates in Dallas.

The problem with displaying rates on an average consumption of 2,000 KWh is that homes that use less than this end up paying a much higher energy rate when their electric bill arrives. Many electricity companies will state in their EFL that if a customer uses less than 1,000 KWh a month an extra charge of $10 is assessed. It is much more efficient for the consumer to compare fixed energy prices directly, instead of what rate you will pay if you consume an exact amount of electricity.

Displayed below are some of the best energy rates offered in Dallas. All offers have been approved by standards.


Rates Include Transmission and Distribution Charges

Provider Plan Term Rate  
12 months
10.80¢ / kWh
24 months
11.45¢ / kWh
12 months
11.63¢ / kWh
Frontier Utilities
12 months
11.69¢ / kWh
36 months
11.83¢ / kWh

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