Find Electricity Offers in Chicago

Competitive electricity offers in Chicago are allowing consumers to cut their energy bill expenditures deeply, freeing up cash to spend in other areas of the economy. Illinois energy choice is still a new concept for the majority of Chicago citizens. While the commercial electricity market has been active in Chicago and the rest of the ComEd service area for several years, the residential energy choice market is still relatively new with competitive suppliers recently entering the market in 2010.

Consumers are finding Chicago electricity offers in a variety of ways. Many energy companies are marketing aggressively through television, radio, and the Internet. Billboards are staring to pop up around Chicago as companies try to establish brand recognition. Perhaps the easiest and most straight forward way to find cheap Chicago electricity rate offers is by using an electricity price comparison site to analyze different offers on an apples-to-apples platform.

Consumers are not just shopping for gifts, book, and movies online, but are now able to shop for lower electric rates using online comparison tools. Chicago consumers who take the time to find electricity offers will pay low prices on their ComEd bill. Though electricity companies are competing for ComEd customers they are not competing against ComEd. ComEd, the electric utility company who services Chicago, is responsible for maintaining the electricity grid in the area and delivering power to buildings and homes. They offer a default generation rate for electricity supply, which consumers have the power to shop and choose between competitive energy offers. ComEd only makes money from the delivery charges imposed on customers that are regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Revenues from default supply rates are passed through to other energy companies who have won auctions to service the default class.

People can now find electricity offers in Chicago that will save them money on their ComEd electric bill without effecting quality or customer service. The quality of the power remains the same as the lines and wires remain the same. Also, even after finding and choosing a better electricity rate, consumers continue to receive their electric bill from ComEd.

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