NY National Grid Electric Rates

Now that the state of New York has a full functioning energy choice market, customers are no longer forced to pay electric rates set by their local utility and can instead shop for the most competitive prices or plans that best suite their needs. More and more National Grid electricity customers in New York are gaining an understanding of their options and as a result are shopping for the best electric rate plan available.

National Grid, or Niagara Mohawk, is the second biggest electricity utility in terms of customers in New York. The company serves at the regulated electricity delivery company for more than 2.7 million customers. Though National Grid customers can choose who supplies the generation supply component of their electric bill, they still receive the power from National Grid through regulated distribution charges. The New York State Public Service Commission continues to regulate and monitor the electricity grid throughout the state ensuring that while competition promotes better pricing and choices, the quality of the power delivered is not tampered.

Customers who do not choose a competitive energy supplier pay a default rate for generation supply through National Grid. The National Grid default rate is a variable rate that changes from one month to the next. Many competitive electric suppliers in New York are offering National Grid customers fixed electric rate options that provide customers with better price security. Energy has proven to be a volatile commodity through the years, so for many people having the ability to lock in a fixed rate for as long as three years gives them peace of mind. Other customers prefer locking in for only a year or even six months.

Below are competitive electricity rates being offered to New York National Grid customers.

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