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Commercial Electric Rates

Search our database of commercial electricity rates by licensed competitive electricity companies. Everyday electricity companies send us their daily rack rates for businesses located in specific energy choice markets for several usage classes. Choose your state, utility, and your estimated monthly electric bill to see what type of rates are being offered today. You’ll be able to choose between several terms and start months, allowing you to start shopping for your next electricity contract months before your current contract expires. Have Questions? We are just a phone call away at 1-888-307-9636.

We review all contracts prior to listing offers to ensure that there are no hidden fees and the contract
language is customer friendly.

Supply Charges versus Delivery Charges

All deregulated electricity markets divide the electric charge into two major sections:

  1. Delivery Charges: Includes all fees that are charged by the local utility company. These chargesĀ are still regulated by the state and are the same no matter what electric company is chosen asĀ the supplier.
  2. Supply Charges: Includes all fees that are included in the default or price to compare rate.

These are the charges that have been deregulated and are what is included in the rate offers
made by the electric companies on this site.

Some electric companies will be sneaky and offer an electric rate that does not include all components
of the supply charge in order to make their rate offer more attractive. They pass through the remaining
charges on the bill. You still end up paying all of the charges, but the rate being offered appears lower
than other offers when in reality it is higher.

All electric rate offers on ElectricRate.com include every component of the supply charge (No Hidden