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Ever since the Texas retail electricity industry was deregulated in 2002, Texans are free to switch their power supplies to another energy supplier. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, you can join the Texas energy marketplace by just entering your zip code and comparing available electricity plans. One such provider is Chariot Energy – offering exclusive 100% solar energy plans to Texas homes and businesses, to help fight climate change.

About Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy is the first Texas electric supplier to include solar energy in every energy plan it offers. The company quickly realized the renewable energy potential of the sunny Lone Star state and it now generates its own solar power, without the need for a middleman. This competitive advantage allows it to offer Texans energy products, that are not only clean but also cheap.

Customers without rooftop solar panels can enjoy 100% renewable plans to power their homes or businesses. How does Chariot Energy do that? They purchase Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), equal to your monthly energy usage. 1 REC is equal to 1MW of renewable energy generated on your behalf.

If you already have a solar panel installed, Chariot Energy gives you an opportunity to cash on the excess energy you produce by exchanging it for cash credits on the next month’s energy bill.

Chariot Energy is a subsidiary of 174 Power Global, that owns and operates solar farms across Texas.

To get in touch with the renewable energy provider, Texan customers can:

  • Log into the Chariot Energy online account here.
  • Call Chariot Energy customer service at 1-855-524-2746,
  • Email [email protected], or reach out through this form.

Why Choose Chariot Energy

chariot energy my account100% Solar Powered Energy Plans - When you purchase renewable energy from Chariot Energy, you are demonstrating your support for the planet. It won't cost you more than the energy generated from fossil fuels - Chariot not only supplies energy but also manufactures solar panels and operates solar farms. It, therefore, has the ability to offer below-market rates.
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Chariot University - Chariot not only supplies Texas with solar energy, but it also educates customers about how to save on electric bills, how to make your home more efficient, and how to reduce your carbon footprint. These practical tips require only small steps but can achieve a big outcome. Also, check out our guide to 25 Clever Ways How To Save Money On Utilities In Every Room for further savings.

chariot energy pay billChariot Energy Solar Buy-Back Program - If you already own solar panels, Chariot will buy the excess energy you produce for the same energy price at which they sell you grid power (excluding the delivery charges). You can use it as cash credits on your next monthly electric bill, or carry it forward and use it when it gets colder and less sunny.
chariot energy ratesPeace of mind that lasts 3 years - Sure, perks and rewards are nice, but at the end of the day, all you really want for your home is a low-cost energy plan for as long as possible. To give you peace of mind, Chariot Energy offers this 36-month fixed-rate, 100% renewable, no-deposit required plan. What's more, you can cancel it for free in the first 30 days.

Compare Chariot Energy Electricity Rates

It has never been easier for Texas customers to switch to solar power – you are literally just a few clicks away. Below you can find out how to sign up for a Chariot Energy plan.

Residential Electricity Rates

Texas homeowners can enter their zip code on the Chariot Energy website and sign up right there and then. Got a promo code? Even better, you just add it in and get your solar power for a discounted price. Chariot Energy plans range from a fixed-rate for 6 to 36 months.

However, there is no need to be hasty. Chariot Energy has got some great solar energy plans in Texas, but it’s always good to compare their rates against other electric suppliers, to ensure you are getting the best deal. One other thing – Your energy usage matters. The energy rate offers are linked to specific monthly usage, so you should find out what’s yours before you get locked in a contract.

Commercial Electricity Rates

If you are a business owner, energy can be one of your biggest operating expenses. Chariot Energy makes it easy for you to power your business with energy harvested from unlimited Texas sunshine. If you fill in a simple form on their website, one of their representatives will be in touch to discuss options.

Prefer to take it in your own hands? You can get in touch by calling 855-524-2746 or emailing [email protected].

But before you get locked into a contract, you should find out what energy rates and offers are available in your area by other supplier companies.  Power rates that utility companies publish on their websites are almost always based on specific energy usage, so it is important to know yours first. Keep an eye out for additional fees, such as early cancellation fees.

Chariot Energy Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be very misleading. Customers, who take the time to leave a review are often motivated either by a particularly negative, one-off experience with their energy provider or somehow incentivized to write a positive, and not always truthful review. That is not to say that all online reviews are untrue, but a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted when scrolling through a website with a streak of five-star reviews.

In 2020, Chariot Energy was listed as one of the top 5 retail energy providers in the Houston Chronicle 2020 Best of the Best awards. For information on how Chariot compares with other Texas providers, check out the customer complaints statistics by visiting the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Chariot Energy Service Areas

Chariot Energy offers solar energy in its native Texas in the below cities:

If Chariot currently doesn’t supply the area where you live, don’t despair. There are other retail energy providers, who will happily power your home or business with affordable energy. Enter your zip code on our website to compare the energy plans that are available in your area.


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Chariot Energy.

How can I renew my service with Chariot?

You can give Chariot a call on 1-855-524-2746 and a member of the customer service team (called the customer happiness team at Chariot Energy) will happily help you renew your energy service.

How can I pay my Chariot Energy bill?

To pay your Chariot energy bill, you can either:

  • Pay by logging into your online account
  • or call customer service on 1-855-524-2746

Will Chariot charge me a cancellation fee?

If you decide to cancel a fixed-rate contract early, you might be charged an early termination fee by the electric supplier. Month-to-month variable plans usually don’t carry such fees. When you enter your zip code on the Chariot website, you can choose either a fixed- or a variable- rate plan from their selection.

Who do I contact when I lose power?

Even if you switch to a Chariot Energy plan, your state utility company still has the responsibility to deliver the energy safely to your door. If you experience a power outage, you should contact them as soon as possible.

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