PPL Electric Price to Compare Set to Increase

As the world wraps up the already turbulent year 2020, PPL Electric customers will need to brace for another surprise – electric rate hikes.

The utility company announced that from Dec. 1, the new price to compare for residential customers will go up to 7.317 cents per kWh of electricity, from the current 7.284 cents. The move will affect around 60 percent of PPL’s 1.4 million customers. For a household with an average monthly electric consumption of 2000 kilowatts-hours, it will represent a raise of approximately $1 each month.


Small business customers will face an even higher price hike. From the current 6.079 cents per kilowatt-hour, the price to compare will go up to 6.662 cents per kWh, a 10% increase.

The new price will be reflected in the energy supply portion of electric bills and won’t affect the delivery rates. Customers who would like to avoid paying the higher price have the opportunity to switch their electric supply to a retail electric provider (REP), thanks to the deregulated energy industry in Pennsylvania.

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