Unitil Electric Price to Compare Set To Increase By 18%

The residents of Massachusetts are likely going to end the year 2020 with higher electric bills. The utility Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company, a member of the Unitil Corporation, has filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to raise the standard electric tariffs for the period beginning December 1, 2020.

The news comes just a year after the company received approval to increase its electric base distribution rates by $2.7 million in order to recover a revenue deficiency from December 2019. As a result, Massachusetts customers saw their monthly electric rates go up by approximately $8, based on average consumption of 1000 kilowatt-hours.


This year proposed rate hikes will have a similar impact on electric bills. Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company’s basic service charge for residential customers and small commercial customers, called ‘Price to Compare’ is set to increase by 18%, from the current 9.3 cents per kWh to 10.984 cents per kWh.

Customers who would like to avoid paying the higher price have the opportunity to switch their electric supply to a retail electric provider (REP), thanks to the deregulated energy industry in Massachusetts.

If the rate is approved by Massachusetts DPU, it is likely to add a further $16.84 to the customers’ monthly electric bills, based on an estimated consumption of 1000 kWh.

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