Low Electric Rates in Baltimore

Searching for low electric rates in Baltimore is still a foreign concept for many consumers who might not be aware of the Maryland energy choice market that exists. It is important that these non shopping power customers get a grip on the changes going on in their state so that they can stop paying higher electricity bills than is necessary.

Prior to electricity choice in Baltimore consumers were forced to pay the electric rate that was offered by BG&E. Though this rate was regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission, it gave the people of Baltimore no purchasing power. Today power users can shop the market and find an electricity rate plan that best fits their needs.

Through the energy choice law, BG&E continues to serve as the power delivery company for all of the customers that fall within its territory. Those customers who do not shop pay a default rate for power generation and supply. BG&E customers looking to reduce their BG&E electric bills can shop for low electric rates in Baltimore being offered by competitive energy companies. If the competitive electricity rate is lower than the Baltimore Gas & Electric price to compare default rate the customer will save money on their electricity bill.

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