The Biggest Wind Farms in Texas 2024

how many wind turbines are there in texas?

Texas is the number one wind power producer in the USA. The Lone Star State has over 33,100 MW of wind turbines installed. These turbines produce enough energy to power over 3.5 million Texas households and provide over 25,000 jobs. 

These amazing turbines, inspired by the old-time windmills, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the Renewable Portfolio Standard goals. TX is already one of the leaders in the USA in renewable energy production. This state produces over 20% of its total energy used from renewable sources and plans on expanding its green energy generation even further. 

Is Texas Ideal for Windmill Farms?

Yes, Texas is ideal for windmill farms. Texas wind farms enjoy many benefits that similar renewable energy projects in other states simply do not. Wind energy in Texas is so popular for a variety of reasons: 

  • Texas is situated in the part of the States that is naturally prone to wind. Wind farms can benefit the most from this position, as a typical wind turbine only needs winds of 6mph to start spinning and generating wind energy. 
  • The infrastructure of transmission lines in TX is developed enough to support new large-scale wind projects being built and connected to the grid. Wind farm operators have no difficulties in getting the power generated onto the grid and to the Texas residences. 
  • Texas has a lot of rural areas. This means that the wind industry does not need to worry about nearby houses, zoning, the windmills being an eyesore (as some people say) and long times to get construction permits. 
  • The taxation system in the Lone Star state is favorable for energy producers. This makes it easy to construct new wind projects. In fact, the largest wind farm in the USA is in Texas and it is the Roscoe Wind Farm. 

Largest Wind Farms in Texas

If you’re curious about where your energy comes from, the odds are that a part of it comes from one of the large wind projects. Texas officials recognized the value of renewables early on – this is why Texas is the leader in wind energy in the USA. All the energy production and distribution is monitored by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and ultimately by the Public Utility Commission, for your convenience and safety. 

Sweetwater Wind Farm

Sweetwater Wind Farm is based in Nolar County in Texas. The construction began in 2003, so this is one of the oldest wind farms in this part of the country. The total capacity of 585.3 MW of wind energy installed can power over 190,000 Texas homes. The wind farm has 392 windmills with an average wind energy capacity of 1.5 MW per turbine. Sweetwater wind farm was built back in 2007, and it was the biggest wind farm in the world back at the time. 

Roscoe Wind Farm

Roscoe Wind Farm was the biggest in the world when it was constructed back in 2009. This wind farm can generate 780 MW of wind power and can supply power to over 260,000 TX homes. It has 627 turbines and is one of the largest power plants in the world to this day. 

Los Vientos Wind Farm

Los Vientos Wind Farm was constructed in 2016. It has 400 turbines and is one of the biggest Texas wind farms. With a total installed capacity of 400MW, it is enough to power over 120,000 homes. This wind farm is one of the rare farms in the South of TX. Most wind farms are in north Texas. 

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center is a large-scale wind project in Texas. Horse Hollow spans across Taylor and Nolan Counties. This farm can produce as much as 735.5 MW of wind power. It is one of the biggest wind farms in Texas and can supply enough power for 245,000 Texas households. 

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm was constructed in 2008. It is a large-scale project that has an installed capacity of 662.5 MW and can power 220,000 households with clean wind energy. This wind farm was one of the first and the largest wind farm in the world to be funded by carbon offset compensation. 

Other Notable Wind Farm Initiatives in Texas

The state of TX definitely has many wind farms to be proud of. Collectively, they reduce coal consumption and together with solar will be able to cover most electricity produced and used in The Lone Star State by the first half of the century. Renewables are the energy source of the future and many operating wind farms in Texas are a great contributor to the economy, as they have created over 25,000 jobs already. 

There are other notable wind farm initiatives in the Lone Star State, which strengthen the power supply and keep the wind power prices low: 

  1. (PLANNED) Gulf Coast of Texas wind farm – 2,100 MW – enough to supply 630,000 homes with clean wind electricity, 
  2. Lonesome Wind Farm project – 450MW of wind energy – enough green electricity for 135,000 households, 
  3. (PLANNED) Offshore wind farm in Galveston – 300MW – enough green energy for 100,000 homes, 
  4. Mesteno Wind Farm project by Duke Energy Renewables in Starr County – 201.6 MW – enough green energy for 67,000 homes. Duke energy has other notable renewable projects, 
  5. Other state incentives and transmission solutions are supposed to strengthen the energy independence of Texas. Most of these efforts come from the American Wind Energy Association. 


What state has the most wind turbines?

Texas has the most wind turbines in the USA. With over 33,000 MW of installed wind turbine capacity, Texas is the Nr. 1 state for wind energy. The Lone Star State is also 2nd in the USA by solar power. It generates a total of 11,000 MW of this form of sustainable energy. 

Do wind farms make money?

Yes, wind farms make money. Each mid-sized wind turbine can make anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the turbine size and power output. Large-scale wind farms also have other options for making money, such as selling RECs and carbon offset compensation rights. 

Why are wind turbines bad?

Wind turbines are not bad. They are good for the environment, make no CO2 emissions and the land underneath can be used for agricultural needs (depending on local regulation). There have been successful attempts of converting the land under turbines for agricultural and grazing needs of large farms. 
Some people find the sight of wind turbines disturbing and some are worried that the blades may injure birds. Although bird accidents do happen, the number of injured birds is not high enough to justify not installing wind turbines. 

Do wind turbines cause health problems?

Wind Turbines do not cause health issues. Study after study has found no link between wind turbine installation and human health. Some people may find the sound and the shadows cast by wind turbines off-setting, but this is of no concern for the health of any individual. 


Wind power is the way to go. The wind belt, light paperwork and large, open expanses of land in TX make it one of the best destinations for wind power. Renewables generate large volumes of electricity in the Lone Star State as it is and investing even more will create more job opportunities and further decarbonize the Lone Star State economy. 

As more investors are interested in wind and solar, fewer look at natural gas. If you want to be a part of the green movement, contact your local electricity provider and ask about their renewable energy plans

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