Dayton Power & Light Customers Severely Overpaying for Electricity

There are usually two sides to every story depending on the perspective. By some accounts the Dayton Power & Light service area in Ohio is one of the most successful energy choice markets with over half the residential customer pool and 86% of commercial customers purchasing their power supply from a competitive supplier. On the other hand, with a consistent high default rate over the last two years versus low competitive prices, the number of residential shoppers should be approaching full capacity.

Competitive suppliers have been able to offer fixed electricity rates to Dayton Power & Light residential customers that are more than 30% lower than the utility default price by engaging in strategies that involve purchasing futures contracts on the wholesale electricity market. The Dayton Power & Light default price is derived through an auction process where licensed Ohio electricity companies bid to serve the default rate paying customers. In contrast, competitive suppliers can provide pricing to customers based on current market prices. Usually this means more competitive pricing.

At the end of September 2016 Dayton Power and Light was providing default supply service to 238,087 residential customers while 220,353 residential customers in the area were purchasing their power from a competitive supplier. All of these default rate paying customers can reduce their Dayton Power and Light electric bill substantially by becoming an Ohio energy choice participant. Competitive energy price offers that are fixed rates and below the default price will guarantee that they received savings on their monthly Dayton Power & Light electric bill.

Electricity prices below are fixed rates and offered by competitive suppliers who are licensed by the state of Ohio. The savings percentage represents the amount of savings the fixed offer is off of the current Dayton Power & Light default price to compare rate.

Dayton Power & Light

8.58¢ Price to Compare

Provider Plan Term Rate Savings  
Tomorrow Energy
12 months
6.49¢ / kWh

Save 25%

Direct Energy
6 months
7.29¢ / kWh

Save 16%

Direct Energy
12 months
7.39¢ / kWh

Save 14%

Direct Energy
18 months
7.99¢ / kWh

Save 7%

Clearview Energy
12 months
8.69¢ / kWh

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